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194. This will be the last quiz question presented by The “Three Guys from Coaldale.” As we began to discuss what question to ask, we decided that we wanted the question to be about the thing we remember most fondly about growing up and living in the welcoming town of Coaldale. We had so many remembrances about things such as: our town’s coal miner heritage, the football and other sports, the green and coal-covered mountains in the valley, the teachers and coaches, the stories we were told as kids, the Number 8 coal mine and breaker, the personalities of the many great Coaldale folks we’ve known and still know, and on and on and on. But, when it came right down to writing this final question, we realized that the thing we remember most fondly about the welcoming town of Coaldale is: The Nicknames. Do Coaldale folks have some great nicknames, or what? Yes, but that’s not the actual final question. This is:

Part 1: Name at least five Coaldale folks who have “food” nicknames.

Part 2: Name at least five Coaldale folks who have “animal” nicknames.

194. Part 1: "Fishy" Castagna, "Beansy" Dolan, "Oatsy" Popik, "Eggy" Galiszewski, "Peanuts" Lohenitz, "Pretzels" Pisklak, “Sugar” Morgans, “Beersy” Mikoli.
Part 2: "Poochy" Richards, "Doggie" Lakitsky, "Cubsy" Zweisdak, "Moose" Lutchkus, "Moosie" Maruschak, “Kitty” Dolan, “Puss” Sicenavage, “Rooster” McHugh, “Pigeon” Ruslavage, “Chick” Murphy, “Chickie” Griffith, “Bird” Schubeck.
Adios, and thank you very much for your patronage of The Coaldale Quick Quiz. We hope you enjoyed answering the questions. Go Coaldale!
194. This will be the last quiz question presented by The “Three Guys from Coaldale.” As we began to discuss what question to ask, we decided that we wanted the question to be about the thing we remember most fondly about growing up and living in the welcoming town of Coaldale. We had so many remembrances about things such as: our town’s coal miner heritage, the football and other sports, the green and coal-covered mountains in the valley, the teachers and coaches, the stories we were told as kids, the Number 8 coal mine and breaker, the personalities of the many great Coaldale folks we’ve known and still know, and on and on and on. But, when it came right down to writing this final question, we realized that the thing we remember most fondly about the welcoming town of Coaldale is: The Nicknames. Do Coaldale folks have some great nicknames, or what? Yes, but that’s not the actual final question. This is:

Part 1: Name at least five Coaldale folks who have “food” nicknames.

Part 2: Name at least five Coaldale folks who have “animal” nicknames.

193. c)1923. Learn more about the history of the CHS building here: http://coaldalehighalumni.homestead.com/files/article_1930_school_ded.html
193. On the left is a group of CHS students in 1963 going up the front steps of the CHS building about a year before the school closed. On the right is a group of students going down the front steps for the last time prior to the closing of CHS in 1964. What was the first CHS class to graduate from the building? A) 1915 B) 1922 C) 1923 D) 1930

192. e.
192. The small Coaldale building in the center of this old photo no longer exists, but do you remember what building it was and on what street it was located?

a) That’s the so-called “haunted house” that was located on Earley Avenue right behind Furey’s Insurance Agency.

b) That’s Mammu Fritz’s Bar that was located at the east end of Water Street.

c) That’s Babe Gould’s Bar that was located on Ridge Street.

d) That’s The Coaldale Diner that was located on Eighth Street.

e) That’s one of the houses that was located on Water Street about halfway between Second Street and Fifth Street.

191. 1) St. Mary’s
191. This is Eddie O’Brien. For what Coaldale church did Mr. O’Brien serve as custodian for many years? 1) St. Mary's 2) St. Pat's 3) St. Cyril's 4) St. John's
190. Vogue Club.
190. These young women were members of a CHS “club” in 1935. The 1935 Stentor describes the club as such: “All people want to look well—to be attractive. Everyone takes pride in being complimented on his appearance. Not only do clothes count, but posture and manners as well. In order that girls in our high school may be considered well-groomed and mannerly at present and in after years, this _____ Club has been organized. The girls are taught how to dress, that is, what to wear at the proper time, proper posture when sitting and standing, proper carriage when walking and above all, etiquette. Is it not pleasant to see a well appearing, and well mannered young lady? It is indeed. It is certain that the girls of this club will in later years be very mannerly and well groomed.” Name that club: a) Vogue Club, b) Cosmopolitan Club, c) Etiquette Club, d) Emily Post Club

189. St. Pats--1888, St. Mary's--1892, St. John's--1914, St. Cyril's--1920.
Also some other Coaldale churches and the year in which they were founded were: Evangelical Church—1873; Congregational Church (originally called, "The Welsh Moriah Congregational Church.")--1874; St. John's Greek Catholic Church--1907; St. Mary's Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church--1909; and, St. John's Primitive Methodist Church—1876.
189. Match each of these Coaldale churches with the year it was founded: A. St. Pat's (Seek), B. St. Mary's, C. St. John's, D. St. Cyril's

1) 1920 2) 1888 3) 1914 4) 1892

188. d) Donnie Fredericks
188. In the early 1960s, these two young men competed against each other on Panther Valley gridirons, hardwoods, and baseball diamonds. Then in 1964, they became teammates as starting pitchers for the Bullis Prep School “Little Admirals” in Silver Spring, MD. The gent on the right is Coaldale’s all-around scholar-athlete Rich Miller. The gent on the left is from Lansy. Who is he? a) Mike Karnish, b) Bobby Gelatko, c) Geno Nardini, d) Donnie Fredericks. Hint: Quarterback.
187. A) Johnny Kidda
187. This Coaldale businessman operated this popular grocery store that was opened for years in Coaldale and was located on West Ruddle Street. Name that businessman:

A) Johnny Kidda B) Joe Skinky C) Vincie Sicenavage D) Harold Watkins E) Henry Plocinik

186. A-5, B-1, C-4, D-3, E-2
186. This is Andy Zweisdak (left) and Burt Gbur, members of the CHS Track & Field Team, circa 1960. See if you can match the CHS record-holders listed below with the following CHS Track & Field records that they hold: (A) Broad Jump (20 feet, 9 inches); (B) 100-yard Dash (10.1 seconds); (C) Pole Vault (11 feet, 9 inches); (D) 110-yard Low Hurdles (13.6 seconds); (E) 220-yard Dash (23.1 seconds).

(1) Tie: Al Laigon (1927) and John “Teeler” Jabbo (1941)

(2) Al Laigon (1927)

(3) Dan Panchura (1941)

(4) Tie: Ben Williams (1938), Harold Parfitt (1938), Howard Williams (1941), and Frank Priggins (1941).

(5) John Korsak (1934)

185. A-5, B-2, C-1, D-6, E-4, F-3
185. Match the photos of these great Coaldale gridders with the statements below:

1) In the 1954 season, Coaldale gridder Ron Plocinik led the Tigers to a 6-0 win over Lansford and won Honorable Mention honors in the post-season as a Center on the United Press All-State Squad.

2) With 7 minutes left in the 1962 Coaldale-West Hazleton game and with the Tigers losing 12-0, speedy running back John “Sonny” Yankovich darted 55 yards for a touchdown that sparked arguably the greatest comeback in CHS history and a 27-12 win.

3) In the 1960 Coaldale-Kulpmont game, Quarterback and Co-Captain Don Popik scored the winning touchdown with minutes remaining in the game to seal a 12-6 Tiger victory.

4) In the 1950 Coaldale-Blythe Township game, speedster Zigmund “Ziggy” Karpa scored twice in the Tigers’ 32-0 victory.

5) In the 1960 Coaldale-McAdoo game, versatile and talented Joe Terry scored from 5 yards out in the second quarter and then streaked 72 yards in the fourth quarter to set up the final Tiger score in a 13-0 victory, the Tigers’ first win of the Coach Geno Poli era.

6) Number “1” Erv Murphy was co-captain of the 1954 team which shut-out both the Blythe Township Black Panthers and the Lansford Panthers by identical 6-0 scores.

184. A-4, B-5, C-2, D-6, E-1, F-3
184. Over the years Coaldale High had some great track teams. Arguably the best team was the1947 team which won the state championship. All-around athlete and Villanova graduate Joe Rilo, who is pictured here, was a leader of that team. Joe won a gold medal at the state meet in the broad jump, with a leap of 19 feet-6 inches, and a gold medal in the 440-yard dash, with a time of 59.3 seconds. Six other CHS guys won individual gold medals at that 1947 state meet. See if you can match these other gold medal winners with their events: A) Joe Zenko B) Charlie Hontz C) Tom Flyzik D) Charlie Berry E) Leo Shanosky F) Mike Hydock

1. Discus 2. Shot Put 3. Javelin 4. 100-yard Dash 5. 220-yard Dash 6. 880-yard Run

183. True.
However, if you, or someone you know, would like to take over the responsibility of continuing the quiz, please contact Nick at nickber@comcast.net. Nick will forward your info to “The Three Guys from Coaldale.” Historical photos and other resources will be provided to you by the Three Guys for your use in drafting quiz questions.
183. This is the Coaldale Quick Quiz staff, a.k.a., “The Three Guys from Coaldale,” who are cleverly disguised in the photo in order to preserve their anonymity.

True or False? The “Coaldale Quick Quiz” presented by the “Three Guys from Coaldale” will be discontinued after approximately 10 more quiz questions due to the retirement of the three guys from the quiz business.
182. John McElhenney is the father of Mrs. Mary P. McElhenney, CHS Math Teacher and Guidance Counselor.
182. The gentleman on the left is the father of one of these three CHS teachers, left to right: Mr. Frank DeFebo, Ms. Mary P. McElhenney, and Mr. Samuel P. Pascoe. Around the year 1900, this gentleman was President of the Panther Valley Sub-District, Local 1536, of the United Mine Workers of America. Whose father is he?
181. Helen Soberick
181. The first two photos show a model of Number 8 Breaker that is currently under construction in Soberick’s Garage on Water Street in Coaldale by Bill Gaddes, John Poko, et al. The breaker model and the trucks are built to scale and are pretty neat. On the right is Mrs. Soberick, the wife of the garage’s original proprietor, George Soberick. What is her first name?
180. A. Africa Screams
180. Over the years, Coaldale has had three movie theaters: McTague’s (see advertisement), which was on Second Street and later replaced by The Ritz, which burned down in 1948, and, of course, The Angela Theater on Phillips Street. Shown in the photo is Coaldale’s Mike Danchak and his son Mark in front of the Angela a few years ago prior to the extensive and beautiful renovations they made to the theater. When the Angela originally opened for business in 1949, what was the very first movie to play there? A. Africa Screams B. The Moon is Blue C. The Man From Planet X D. Gone With the Wind E. Stagecoach. (Hint: Abbott & Costello.)
179. Thanks to the folks who have suggested nicknames for the CHS tiger mascot. Here are the suggested names: Spirit, Teeler the Tiger, Beansy the Bengal, “Took One” the Tiger, Boilo the Bengal, Toni the Tigress, Beyonce the Bengalette, and—good grief!—Dale the Coal Cat.
179. These seven young women were the last CHS Cheerleaders in 1963-64. Kneeling (L to R) are Diane Boretsky and Patricia Davies. Standing (L to R) are Mary Anne Boretsky, Kathy Lotwick, Edna Davies, Lillian Mongi, and Brenda Hoffman. Sitting in front is the Coaldale Tiger mascot, who never had a nickname. Please help to correct this egregious oversight now by answering this question: What should have been the nickname of the CHS tiger mascot? Any suggested nicknames that we receive will be posted next week in the answer to this question.
178. Nantown was called Nantown because it was inhabited with “Nanny” goats
178. On the left is a 1910 photo of the Number 10 Breaker in the Nantown settlement near Seek. On the right is a 1904 Nantown map which shows the names of the families who settled there: Elliott, Firki, Gallendak, McCartney, McDonald, McGee, McIntyre, Mohker, Sopko, Stanchik, and Stapleton . Why was it named Nantown?
177. d) St. Mary’s High (Coaldale, PA) & Mount Saint Mary’s (Emmitsburg, MD). For more about Chappy’s contributions to Coaldale, please see:

See Joe "Chappy" Sharpe biography
177. On the left is a 1930s photo of some Coaldale lads preparing the field at the corner of Fifth and Phillips Street for the eventual construction of the Coaldale Boys Haven playground. Boys Haven was built under the leadership of Joe “Chappy” Sharpe, who later became Mayor of Coaldale, was the founder of the Coaldale C.H.O.S.E. organization, and a leader in the community his entire life. Where did “Chappy” matriculate?

a) Coaldale High and Penn State

b) Coaldale High and Lehigh

c) St. Mary’s High and Penn State

d) St. Mary’s High and Mount St. Mary’s

176. c & d
176. This is the St. Mary’s girls basketball team sometime in the 1920s. The head coach, on the r right in the back row, was Coaldale’s Vince Gildea. Vince was an outstanding quarterback and kicker with the Coaldale Big Green in the 1920s. He also was head football coach at two of the high schools in the Panther Valley area, and his record in the 1924-1925 seasons at one of them was a remarkable 18-1-1. Name the two schools: a) Coaldale High b) Lansford High, c) St. Mary’s High d) Panther Valley Catholic High.
175. a. Panther Creek Valley Hospital
175. On the left is the first class of graduates of the nursing school at the hospital in Coaldale. Seated (L to R) in the 1917 photo are: Anna Gomer Maury, Elizabeth Waters Breslin, Placinda Zelinsky, and Elsie Mae Seltzer. Standing (L to R) are: Ella Pinkey Terret and Ella Ambrose. On the right is a group of candy-stripers at the hospital circa 1960. Front row (L to R) are Pat Aronne, Barbara Fedora, and Loretta Konsko. Back row (L to R) are Peggy Hedish, Gail Yankovich, unknown, Margaret Gregus, unknown.

What was the original name of the hospital in Coaldale?
a. Panther Creek Valley Hospital

b. Panther Valley Hospital

c. Coaldale Hospital

d. Lehigh Coal & Navigation Company Hospital

174. The question is: Name at least one CHS football coach who was associated with each of the Tigers’ undefeated and untied seasons in A) 1930 (10-0-0); B) 1934 (9-0-0); and C) 1962 (11-0-0). Note: Coach Raymer was not at CHS for the Tigers’ other undefeated and untied season in 1922 (10-0-0). For more about Coach Raymer, please see:

coaldale's raymer
174. The answers are: A) Tom Raymer, B) Tom Raymer, and C) Tom Raymer. What is the question?

173. 1 = B, 2 = A, 3 = C
173. Go back 50-60 years in your memory, and then match the businesses that used to be located at the same corners as the Coaldale houses shown in these three recent photos.

Business 1: Doc Len Lithgow’s dental office

Business 2: Hoben’s Ice Cream Parlor

Business 3: Mike’s Model Garage

172. A) Randolph B. Harvey
172. This is the 1951 Coaldale American Legion basketball team nicknamed the Lions. The team was made up of both Catholic school and Public school guys. This team was assembled and coached by whom? A) Randolph Harvey B) Tom Raymer C) Super O'Brien D) Wilbur Berger E) Etheopian Jones.

Starting with the young lad on the far left and going counterclockwise, the players are: Joe “Putters” Stoffey, Jimmy “Doc” Dougherty, Stevie Tomasovich, Bobby “Dauber” Parfitt, Freddie West, Unknown, Mike “Schwaty” Mayernik, Bobbie Guzinski, Joe “Oscar” Ozefovich, Unknown, Unknown, and Bobby Scutta.
171. e. “Babe” and “Midnight”
171. This is a 1957 photo of Coaldale Little League player Joe Popik (CHS ’63) and manager John Kozak. What are Joe’s and John’s nicknames?

a. “Babser” and “Moocho”
b. “Boober” and “Moosie”
c. “Beansy” and “Meatball”
d. “Banty” and “Meatser”
e. “Babe” and “Midnight”

170. C) 1846
170. The three coal miners in the photo are leaving Number 8 mine after a long, hard day of work sometime in the late 1950s. The miner on the right is Daniel “Deacon” Evans of Seek. The other two are unidentified. The Number 8 tunnel was closed in 1960. In what year was it opened? A) 1805 B) 1827 C) 1846 D) 1887 E) 1906

Hints: The year Number 8 opened was the same year when “Buffalo Bill” Cody was born, the first baseball game (using the Alexander Cartwright baseball rules) was played, the saxophone was patented by Antoine Joseph Sax, someone in Japan invented the rickshaw, Elias Howe patented the sewing machine, the United States annexed Mexico, and Iowa became the 29th state.

169. D) Charlie Revtyak
169. In January, 2008, Bill Berry (CHS Class of 1949) was honored--by the Senior Programs of the City of Las Cruces, New Mexico--as the January Master Artist for the Art Series titled "Creativity is Ageless!" Bill’s art specialty is painting and four of his creations are shown here.

After graduating from CHS, Bill served in the U.S. Navy and subsequently attended George Washington University, in Washington, D.C., where he played football and helped his team defeat Texas Western in the 1957 Sun Bowl. He spent the next twenty-five years employed in the education field where he served as a high school teacher, coach, and administrator for Fairfax County, Va. After he retired as an educator in 1980, Bill and his wife Mary moved to Las Cruces where he worked managing a small mutual domestic water association east of town and where she still is a PhD on the staff at the University of New Mexico.

The question is: Who was Bill’s art teacher at CHS? A) Mr. Ted Lithgow, B) Mr. Sam Pascoe, C) Miss Adele Laigon, D) Mr. Charlie Revtyak, E) Miss Louise West

168. George McDonald. See: Beaky's
168. At the following youtube link you will see a short video of the Christmas Play at St. Mary’s school in 1954:

St. Mary's Christmas Play on You Tube

The young man in the white chef’s outfit in the video is also pictured here. Name him.

Hint: He was co-captain of the 1959 Coaldale Tigers football team, he was a member of the popular rock ‘n roll group named the Shan-Tones, and, while a member of the St. Mary’s basketball team, he once scored 80—count ‘em—80 points in one basketball game.

167. c. Walter Miller
167. As you go through the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas, take a break, sit down by the fireplace or stove, have a boilo, and listen to this Dorsey Brothers tune “Beside an Open Fireplace,” which you may hear at this youtube

Dorsey Brothers_- MildreBailey singing Snowball

The Dorsey Brothers are pictured here in this 1925 photo with a well-known Coaldale musician (seated) of yesteryear. Name him. A. Len Hoben B. Herbert King C. Walter Miller D. Lenny Puchinsky E. Palmer P. Jones

166. a. Joe Conahan
166. The Coaldale gent in the center of this photo is shown receiving the coveted Shamrock award at the 49th annual banquet of the Irish-American Association of the Panther Valley. Name him. a. Joe Conahan b. J.H. Gildea c. William B. Sheerin d. Edward Murphy e. E.E. Shifferstine
Hint: He once served Coaldale as the business manager and administrator of the Coaldale State General Hospital.
165. a. FIRST: Livinia Virgie Jones (1915); LAST: William D. Jones and William U. Jones (1963);b. FIRST: Marvin Evans and Richard Evans (1921); LAST: Margaret Ann Evans and Jack Evans (1962); c. We have no idea, but if you know, let us know.; d. FIRST: Hazle Township (1921); LAST: Cass Township (1963)
165. The FIRST head football coach at CHS was Coach Irv Murphy and the LAST was Coach Geno Poli.

See if you can remember some other FIRSTS and LASTS in Coaldale High School history.

Who were the FIRST and LAST:

a. Jones' who graduated from CHS?

b. Evans' who graduated from CHS?

c. CHS Footballers who scored a touchdown?

d. "Townships" beaten by CHS in football?

164. Mike Frendak, “Teeler” Jabbo, Joe Shanosky, and Ed Palkovich.
164. Fourscore and seven years ago (in 1921) the first Coaldale-Lansford football game was held with the Tigers prevailing 18 to 6. The intense high school rivalry lasted until 1963, but during the intervening years many Lansford and Coaldale gridders worked together as teammates on various sports teams. One such team, pictured here, was The Lansford Blue Devils, a semi-pro football team of the late 1940’s. At least four of the members of this team previously starred on the gridiron for the Tigers. Name the four.

First row (L to R): Mark Sibbach, “Choc” Hedash, unknown, “Cap” Novotny, Mike Frendak, John “Teeler” Jabbo, unknown, Elwood Sibbach, Paul “Spider” Ondarco, unknown. Second row (L to R): Joe Shanosky, Rich Di Giacamo, “Buck” Tomko, unknown, Joe Schonberger, Ed Palkovich, “Fuzzy” Martinkovich, Ed Rendish, Joe Martinkovich, Bob Rosenbaum, John Martinkovich, Pete Horvath

163. Coaldale, Alberta, Canada. See:
Welcome to the Coaldale Motor Inn
163. This is the Coaldale Motor Inn. Where is it located?

a. Coaldale, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania ......... b. Coaldale, Bedford County, Pennsylvania
c. Coaldale, Colorado........ d. Coaldale, Nevada........... e. Coaldale, Alberta, Canada

162. The Liquor Store. Parker Davies was the manager.
162. What essential service did this building once provide for the residents of Coaldale? Who was the manager at this establishment during the 1950's and 60's?