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Coaldale, Pennsylvania
Dedication of Korean, Vietnam 
and Desert Storm Memorial
Sunday,  November 9,  2008
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                              A Hot War Diary From Coaldale Native
               September 13, 1992|by FRANK WHELAN, The Morning Call

"Cleared Hot! A Marine Combat Pilot's Vietnam Diary" by Col. Bob Stoffey; St Martin Press; $21.95; 285 pp.

Nations have always needed soldiers like Col. Bob Stoffey. Since the days when Roman legionaires guarded the borders of a far-flung empire, tough, proud military men have been called on to perform the dirty jobs the rest of their society scorned. It was Stoffey's lot to be involved in one of the most confused pages in U.S. history, the Vietnam War. That he was also able to write a good, if partisan, book on the subject 
says a lot about the man's talents.

Stoffey, a native of Coaldale, Schuylkill County, grew up hearing tales of
 his father's service in World War I. He was a football -player at Coaldale 
High School from which he graduated in 1953. Stoffey went on to
 Pennsylvania State University and for a time worked as a tool-design
 engineer at Air Products when it was in Emmaus. Today he works as an
 integrated-circuits sales manager at Hughes, the computer and defense contractor in Newport Beach, Calif. Stoffey lives in nearby Carlsbad, Calif., with his wife, the former Eleanor R. Dedinsky of Lansford, Carbon County.

But for 25 years, from the late 1950s to 1979, Bob Stoffey was a Marine Corps combat pilot. He served during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis and three combat tours for four years in Vietnam. Stoffey first came to Da Nang, Vietnam, as a captain in 1965. At that point America still had a relatively limited role in the conflict..

                 Books: Authored by Col. Bob Stoffey.
                "Cleared Hot" and "Fighting to Leave".
"Col. Bob Stoffey was born in Coaldale, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Pennsylvania State University. He served as a Marine Corps pilot for twenty-five years, having flown twenty-four different types of aircraft worldwide."
                 Coaldale Alumnus, the Class of 1953

           Owen McGlynn - the man who designed the Coaldale Town Hall

Owen McGlynn (1878–1918) was an architect who practiced in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, at the end of the nineteenth century, and at the beginning of the twentieth. The building housing Coaldale's town hall was built in 1907 to his designs.


McGlynn was born at Stockton, Pennsylvania on March 28, 1878, the son of Daniel and Bridget McGlynn. The father immigrated to the United States in 1866 and worked as a coal miner, and the son was educated at St. Mary's R.C. School in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. In the 1900 census at Wilkes-Barre, McGlynn gave his age as 23 and his occupation as architect.

Around 1900, McGlynn formed a partnership with an older, more established architect, Ben Davey, Jr. That year, they completed the new St. Aloysius R.C. Church in Lee Park, near Wilkes-Barre, to which they each donated a stained glass window. McGlynn married Elizabeth MacDermott on October 17, 1900. After Davey died in December 1901, McGlynn took over full ownership of the practice.

McGlynn died in 1918.

Among the completed works of Owen McGlynn are the following:


Owen McGlynn - the man who designed the Coaldale Town Hall.