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Faye Lewis no longer wishes to be in charge of the CHS reunion. She is asking for someone or chairpersons of 2 or 3 to step up to take the responsibility. Faye has all the information ready to hand over to whoever is interested in planning the next reunion. This includes all current addresses, other contact numbers and even the decorations. She can be contacted at 570-645-9426 or at 30 East Ruddle Street, Coaldale, PA 18218
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Even riding the miners' cage was hazardous
Saturday, December 4, 2010

Even mine vehicles such as the cage  an elevator-type device u
sed to transport miners to and from the surface and considered a safety net for miners in case of emergency  could themselves be danger traps.

Six weeks after the first cage accident at the No. 4 Colliery in Lansford and just a week before Christmas (in 1910), there was yet another shaft tragedy involving a cage at the No. 10 colliery in Coaldale. When the engineer started to lower the cage it refused to move because it had frozen to the side.

About 30 feet of cable had unwound. Before he could take up the slack the ice in the shaft broke away, sending the cage plunging down the shaft. Fortunately the cable did not break but the awful jar at the end of the cable tossed the miners to the floor of the cage with such force that many suffered broken bones.

Injured were George Welsh, 29, a laborer from Coaldale, broken back; William Tucket, 30, laborer, back injury; Bernard O'Donnell, Coaldale, 25, miner, back injury and broken ribs; Benjamin Welsh, Coaldale, 25, miner, broken leg; John Fisher, Seek, 27, driver boss, spine injury; and David Yemm, Coaldale, 35, mine foreman, fractured legs and spine injury.



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