Parades, Grapes, and Witches Teeth


In the 1940s, before she moved to Bowling Green, KY, Regina Newell experienced Halloween as a child in Coaldale, Pennsylvania. She recalled knocking on doors in costume, prepared to deliver a little song, dance or recitation if she was asked, and of the older folks trying hard to guess the identity of each masked trick-or-treater. Her school parties featured apple-bobbing and candy corn (“witches teeth”).


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Major Harold Parfitt - August 6, 1921 -  May 21, 2006
Harold Robert Parfitt was born on 6 Aug 1921 in Coaldale, PA, to Elizabeth and William Parfitt, who raised Hal and his brother Bill to respect the values of hard work, responsibility, education, and to love God and country.


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Halloween in Old Coaldale
By Bill Scutta

When we went “Halloweenin’” (not “Trick or Treating”) in the 1950s, the kids were expected to do more than blurt out, “Trick or Treat.” If you are old enough, you will remember that we were required to perform in some way. We would greet the resident by saying, “Any Halloweeners?” After being admitted to the parlor, we would have to sing a song or recite a poem and then get our reward. Candy was usually not an option; we almost always got money. The people would have a cup or dish with change in it and they would “pay” us with coins. Over the years we learned which houses were generous and which ones were stingy.


Winners Announced In Coaldale's HalloweenParade (1985)

October 28, 1985|The Morning Call

Eighty-seven youths attended a Halloween parade and party on Saturday in Coaldale.

Youths with the scariest costumes were Timothy Matula, Allison Hager and Tammy Murphy; prettiest, Raissa Kalisevich, Jessica Gieniec and Kelly Moyer; most original, Stephanie Kranchickm, Jessica Kutza and Jenna Stokes; and most unusual, Nicholas Haspe, Riannon Salla and Natalie Remington.

The parade, which formed at the Borough Hall, was led by Count Dracula. After the parade ended at the Coaldale Fire Co., the youths played games, watched cartoons and enjoyed refreshments.

The event was sponsored by the Coaldale CHOSE recreation group.