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Coaldale, Pennsylvania
Dedication of Korean, Vietnam 
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Sunday,  November 9,  2008
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                                                                  HELLOOOO THERE !
                                                                        By Bob Sharpe
                     (Note: This article appeared in the Lehighton-Times News sometime in the 1990s).
For anybody who ever spent a few days in Coaldale back in the 60’s, 50’s, or even before that time, this salutation should remind them of a little old gray-haired man driving a 1950 Mercury around town and calling out this greeting to any person he happened to pass. As a pre-teen in Coaldale during the 1950’s most of the members of the previous generation were just nameless “old folks” to me, but Phil Domin was quite unique.

Phil loved driving that car and loved greeting friends and strangers alike on the streets of the town. We were never quite sure just where Phil was going as he drove. Perhaps his mission was just to see the townsfolk and make sure all was well in the borough. If he were alive today I could see Phil as the “greeter” for the local WalMart. His enthusiasm was infectious. Even if one were having a really bad day, it was almost impossible to fail to respond to his salutation. Phil slowed down almost to a stop along the street, made sure to make eye contact, and then waited for your response. We kids grew to love responding with another “helloooo there” right back at him. Sometimes when Phil may have missed seeing us on the street, we would shout it out for Phil first, and of course he always acknowledged us.

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