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                      Panther Valley Polka Lively music has deep roots in the Coal Region
                                                 Published May 16. 2011 05:00PM
                                   BY CHRIS PARKER CPARKER@TNONLINE.COM


Once the ethnically diverse styles of polka music took root in the coal regions, they grew strong.

The King Brothers Orchestra flourished in Coaldale, and in Lansford, Joe Orsulak's Gypsy Joe & the Emeralds and Joe Mordarsky, "The Singing Polish Plumber," held sway.

The King Brothers, along with Happy Stefan and The Sullivans, played every Friday night at the former Edgemont Lodge in Lansford. Saturday nights, the Russian Club in Coaldale was the place to tap your feet to the polka beat.


Beginning in the mid-1800s, an influx of immigrants from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and other eastern and central European countries settled in the Panther Valley, drawn by the promise of work in the coal mines and later, the steel industry.

The work was hard and dangerous, but the miners and their families found comfort in their strong religious faith, and joy in their lively polka music.

They often combined the two for picnics and wedding receptions, a tradition that continues to this day; rare is the church picnic, block party or bazaar that lacks a polka band.

  Coaldale will have four inductees to Carbon County Hall of Fame
                          Published March 30. 2018 10:42PM

The 25th Annual Carbon County Hall of Fame induction ceremonies and banquet will be held Sunday, May 27, at Franklin Township Fire Company social hall.The doors will open at 1 p.m., with the dinner to start at 1:45, followed by individual inductions of 25 persons who attained athletic accomplishments.
This year's inductees are:

Coaldale, Ted Bortnick, John Horoschak, Mike Paslawsky and Jack Sweeney.

Banquet tickets can be purchased from the following Hall of Fame committee members: Danny McGinley 570-325-3550, Emmett McCall 570-645-2093, Vince Spisak (570-645-4542), Art George (610-826-2830), Jake Boyer (610-751-6634), Trevor Lawrence (570-645-4722), Bill Gardiner (570-669-6564), Bob Gelatko (570-645-8652), Evan Evans (570-645-7716), Tom Bonner (570-386-2516)Herb Welsh (570-760-1744). Tickets are $35 for adults. For children under 12, the cost is $15.

Please click here for biographies of the inductees.

Four inductees to the Carbon County Hall of Fame in 2018
Jack Sweeney's photo was not available