Coaldale No. 8 Tunnel

This mine is / was located in the Southern Anthracite Field in the town of Coaldale. After completing some timber work at the No. 9 Mine Tour one day years ago we were offered an opportunity to have a look inside this mine.
In the Following photos youll see the main tunnel, the No. 7 and 8 shafts and several other tunnels. We never made it into any workings of the mine as time did not permit. We were able to however, take several great photographs. Those of our visitors who have been to the No.9 mine tour which is virtually across the street from this mine, will recognize some similarities between the tour and this mine. We were hesitant to put these photos up until now because of the mines high profile and close location to active strip mining and didn't want our pictures to lure anyone into sneaking into this mine. The mine was recently strip mined through and virtually nothing exists of it any longer. From what I hear, when they blasted through the shaft, it blew the steel doors off of the tunnel opening! We are looking to the history of this mine and if anyone is willing to write one up I would be willing to post it here with due credit of course. The followings photos were taken by Myself, and Greg and Mike Hetman of