(Source: Bicentennial of the American Revolution, Coaldale, PA, 1976)

On April 3, 1946, a group of men met to form the Veterans of Foreign Wars at Domin’s Hall on Second St., Coaldale.

The first officers were: Commander Steve Gaydos, Sr. V. Commander John Berenberger, Jr. V. Commander Walter Bortniak, Quarter Master Randolph Harvey, Chaplain Michael Matrician, Trustees George Oransky, Joseph DeSanti, Joseph Shigo.

The post was named STEMBROSKY-KATCHAK POST 6982 in honor of the two men, John Katchak and George Stembrosky, who died in World War II.

The ladies auxiliary was started February 16, 1948.


(Source: Bicentennial of the American Revolution, Coaldale, PA, 1976)

The American Legion was formed in Paris, France in 1919 with General John J. Pershing hero of World War I, named as Honorary National Commander. The purpose of the organization was to unify those who served their country honorably on the battlefields of Europe as well as those who served at home. Upon returning to Coaldale our local veterans decided that this was the National Organization with which they wanted to be affiliated, and after several meetings, a charter was applied for, from the Department of Pennsylvania, and was granted in 1924.

The Local Post was designated as Post 170 and was named in memory of Walter Gewehr and John Shubeck who gave their lives on the battlefields of France in service to their country.

During World War II the name of Paul Martin was added to Gewehr-Shubeck, again in memory of a Coaldale Serviceman who died that others may live. His name is symbolic of all Coaldale Servicemen who died during World war II.

Our town was saddened by the announcement of the death of one of our boys, Norman Nesterak, who was killed in action over Vietnam and whose name was added to Post 170 in memory of his unselfish service to his country.