Hall Of Famer: Times/News August 18, 1986

Carl Rehatchek, 18-year-old son of Len and Pat Rehatchek of Hauto, (Coaldale) tied three times with the East Coast Enduro motorcycle champion, Bill Harris, at the CANYON RIDERS ENDURO held Sunday ( Aug. 10, 1980 ) in WELLSBORO. The 75-mile cross-country event saw the two riders lose by one point (minute) each with Harris beating Carl at the tie-breaker check by five seconds.

Carl, a FACTORY SUPPORT TEAM HUSQUARNA RIDER, also holds two " EXCELLENT " AWARDS in the EASTERN REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDUROS held in NEW JERSEY and NEW YORK earlier this year. Carlhad a second and fifth place finish in those events.

The young cyclist is looking forward to competing in two NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPENDUROS this month, one in MICHIGAN on AUGUST 17 and the other at PITTSFIELD, MASS., on AUGUST 24. The MICHIGAN event is a 200-mile cross-country event.

Last year Carl placed fifth in the "B" OPEN CLASS, a 400-mile event, known as theMICHIGAN JACK PINE NATIONAL.


Times/News Oct. 1985

Carl Rehatchek, fast riding "Open-A" class dirt bike Enduro rider is raising the eyebrows of Jack Lafferty Jr., two time East Coast Enduro Association (ECEA) champion : Don Tomlin , and Ken Yankowski, the current first through third overall point leaders.

Rehatchek, a support rider for SWEDISH MANUFACTURER HUSQVARNA MOTORCYCLES came out of retirement and in the last five races has three firsts and two seconds.

Carl on September 22 rode to a first place class win in the 100-mile MOONSHINE ENDURO at Brandonville, Pa., a "On the ROCKS" challenge of tight woods trails and and heart-stopping rocky downhills.

CHATSWORTH, NEW JERSEY and the SANDY LANE ENDURO on September 29 also fell to REHATCHEK with a class win, but more importantly a fifth overall, missing fourth overall by one second in 95.8 miles of sand and 337 competing riders.

Carl is 23 years old, rides a HUSQVARNA 400WR motorcycle and resides with wife Sharon and son Kyle Joseph in the village of Hauto, Pa.