1937 Coal Strike
Life Magazine October 25, 1937

Back in 1937

More than 6,500 miners in Panther Creek Valley were on strike. The focus of the strike was a so-termed "stay in" at Lehigh Valley Mine near Coaldale. There, 37 miners had been down for seven days in the eighth level of the deepest mine in the southern anthracite coal fields. They would stay down 1,252 feet, and on the morning of this day, they said they would stay down until either the strike was settled in favor of the miners or until they died. Gov. George Earle, called Pennsylvania's New Deal Governor, flew up from Harrisburg with a list of concessions from the mine operators and told the strikers that the list was the best settlement they could get, and that they should take it. Thousands had gathered at Coaldale to hear the governor make the offer and present it to the miners underground. The offer was accepted and the miners came up, grimy but safe, to the cheers of the assembled thousands.

Source: http://newsitem.com/opinion/the-time-machine-oct-12-2011-back-in-1937-1.1216705

Life Magazine October 25, 1937 : Cover - Hunting Spaniel biting an itch, photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt.

Full page ad for Harvard Classic book series, how to get rid of an inferiority complex. Photo of US Fleet sailing out of San Pedro harbor for secret battle manuevers. George M. Cohan mimics Franklin D. Roosevelt. A stay-down strike by miners, in Coaldale, Pennsylvania, they stayed down for seven days! Boos Beck of Seattle. Giant sues for libel, Robert WAdlow of Alton, Illinois. Neat illustrated story about Lord Tweedsmuir and his tour of Canada's Northwest, includes aerial photos of a number of communities, such as Aklavik, Ft. Smith, Tuktoyaktuk, others, natives of Coppermine, more. Very nice two page color Cadillac ad with LaSalle, Sixteen and Fleetwood. Clive Brook meets an emergency. Tank on trip. Brady Gang's end in Maine. With Canada's Governor general to the Arctic ocean - photo essay, including eskimos. Feature on Danielle Darrieux. Arctic bishop - photo essay. James Daugherty's murals of America. World's biggest turbine. Mt. Vesuvius blows a smoke ring, cool photo. Life of Charles F. Kettering, part 2. How Spaniels are trained to hunt. Movie of the week - Heidi, with Shirley Temple (lots of photos). Veiled Prophet's Ball in St. Louis.

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