Coaldale School Songs

School Songs

Spirit of Coaldale High

Give a cheer for dear 01d Orange and the Black we love so well, Never fear her colors dear, we'll give a cheer for and a yell, .

Coaldale High, she always wins her ba,ttles from her aid time foes, So Hip Hurray! Our team is always on its toes, .

Always on its toes, So let us fight for dear old High School Then aU our pep we'll give the right school Fight for dear old Coa1dale High School, Fight, fight fight, fight, fight, Cheer up


Coaldale, CoaldaIe High School dear, For you we'll fight till life forsakes us, For you we'll fight ,till death o'er takes us Then fig'ht' for Coaldale, Coaldale' give a cheer, She's bound to win from her opponents Dear old High School that we love.

So fight for ......,.



"Alma Mater"

Oh, the winri thru the ,trees blows cheerful;

'It sways them in their glory;

It whispers a littIe earful;

It tells a wondrous story Of spirit true and athletes too, Of deeds both brave and gory;

Of courage that has been true blue, Our Alma Mater's glory,




Fight Song

When you hear the whistle blow And the captain shouts, "Let's go!" Let your voices reach the sky .

Fight! for Coaldale Hi, When the backs are smashing thru We'll be in there fighting too, It's a case of do or die Fight! for Coaldale Hi.

We've got to reach the goal And we know the line will hold For we've often met the test Will we win it? Yes! Yes! Yes!

After all is said and done And the victory is won We will build a bonfire high Fight! for Coaldale Hi.

Take up 'the ' cry For Coaldale Hi!



Coaldale On Parade

We give three cheers For Coaldale High, When it's Coaldale on Parade We're out to win and do and die For our c010rs wave on high, We have the goods to show our stripe , As onto victory we fight, " Our hearts are young and gay We know it's Coaldale on Parade.