Coaldale Wants Snow Plow Law
March 09, 1994|by BOB LAYLO, The Morning Call

Coaldale Borough Council wants to better regulate snow removal.

Council last night said some plowing contractors have created hazards by piling up snow at intersections or plowing snow over storm drains. They also said some contractors have moved snow to neighboring property, creating disputes.

"Something has got to be set up so not just anybody can drop a blade and go to town," Councilman Robert Hoben said.

Hoben said there will be a bad accident where snow is piled at corners because drivers cannot see the intersection.

Council decided to have its solicitor, James Menconi, draft an ordinance regulating snow removal. Menconi will use suggestions from the street committee that is chaired by Warren Balliet.

Menconi said the regulation should also address people using shovels. He said the ordinance will not be useful until next year.

In other snow related business, council heard from Postmaster John Poko. Poko said the borough plowed in his delivery trucks and he needed to hire a contractor. Poko said if he did not hire a contractor, people w
ould not have received their Social Security checks on time.

Council also received a petition from 86 residents of the Seek section of town asking for better snow removal.

The residents wanted to meet with council. But council President Geno Poli said the ordinance should address their concerns.

Councilman Clarence Keich said borough crews do a good job in Seek, clearing a space for Panther Valley School District buses to turn around.