Neil J. Boyle –First President of Coaldale School Board

Neil J. Boyle –First President of Coaldale School Board

(History of Schuylkill County, Vol. 2)

Boyle, Neil J., president of the Coaldale school board, and a prosperous young miner of that borough, was born in the town in which he lives, and where he has thus far spent his life.

His birth occurred on September 6, 1879.

He is the eldest of nine children born to Peter and Kate (Burns) Boyle, the father a native of Ireland, and the mother born in Coaldale, of Irish ancestors. The names of the children follow: Neil J., Kate, Peter, Ann, Daniel, Patrick, John, Mary and Margaret.

The father of this family was a miner at Coaldale for thirty-two years and still resides in the town of his adoption, in comfortable circumstances, as a result of his early industry and frugality.

The subject of this sketch was educated in the public schools and at the age of eleven years entered upon the usual vocation of the boys in the coal regions. After serving his “apprenticeship” as a slate picker he became a driver and later a skilled miner.

He is a young man of intelligence and public spirit; enjoys the distinction of being the president of the first school board ever elected in the borough of Coaldale, and manifests a commendable interest in the cause of universal education, as rendered possible through the wise provision of law.