Coaldale Group is "Saving the Tiger"

Coaldale Group is “Saving the Tiger”

(The Valley Gazette, June 1975)

A group of Coaldale citizens headed by Mayor Ronald P. Plocinik has extended its appeal to all graduates of Coaldale High School in seeking support for its efforts in turning the former high school into a community center.

For the past seven or eight months the citizens, calling themselves the Coaldale High School Complex, have taken upon themselves the task of repairing and renovating the school building.

“This is quite a project and as with all worthwhile projects one of the greatest requirements is money,” Plocinik said.

The committee has so far held several money-raising projects, including a fair at the school grounds, paper drives, fund solicitations and coin cans in taverns and business places.

In the letter sent to Coaldale High School graduates the committee states: “How well do you remember old CHS? The fight songs? The Alma Mater? Those were really the best days of our lives.

“In the fall of 1964, Coaldale High School joined the Panther Valley Jointure. The high school building was used for the junior high school and elementary grades. Then, in June of 1973, with the opening of the new Panther Valley High School building, the doors of old CHS were closed for the last time.

“Since then, our beloved high school lived on only in the memories of those who remember the days of the almighty CHS Tiger—the orange and black. The building has gone, as they say, the way of all old buildings, that is, into ruin.

“In the beginning of 1974,” the letter continues, “we, a group of concerned citizens, have formed the Coaldale High School Complex. We intend to ‘save the tiger,’ which is our motto. It is our hope that we may save the old CHS building and turn it into a community center, from which the entire community may benefit.

“As with any worthwhile project today, both effort and money are needed. We have 200 per cent effort already from our members, who have been working both long and hard to help achieve our long sought goal. The main thing that is needed very badly now is money—money for repairs and renovations. We are sending our appeals to all CHS graduates. We are asking for donations of both money and time if it be at all possible from each of our graduates. Thus far, the complex has had several money raising projects, which have been quite successful, and plan to have many more in the near future; but, we are still quite far behind our goal. This is where we hope that you and other CHS graduates like yourself will be able to help.

“Whatever your donation, no matter how small, it will be greatly appreciated. Mail it and any questions you may have about our project and organization to: Coaldale High School Complex, Box 95, Coaldale, Pa. 18218.

“Maybe together we can ‘save the tiger.’

“P.S.: If you know the current addresses of any other CHS graduates, please let us know as our list is limited.”