Oldest Anthracite Company Has New Look

Lehigh Coal & Navigation (LCN), Coaldale, PA, has introduced a new logo, positioning line and website, reflecting the company's more than 200 year old heritage while exploring its role as a valuable energy resource for the 21st Century.

LCN is the first and oldest producer of anthracite in the United States and has 8,000 acres of holdings in the mineral-rich "Coal Region" of north central Pennsylvania. The company’s history in the mining, sales and marketing of coal dates to 1792.

Because of its pre-eminence in the industry, LCN was known for many years simply as “Old Company's Lehigh" and its name was lettered within a blue and red bulls-eye on coal-carrying barges so they would be easily recognizable by the men who tended the canals.

The new logo retains LCN's legacy and solid reputation for quality by combining its traditional colors with a modernized, stylish and recognizable execution for today's markets.

The positioning line, "Powered by Anthracite," is a nod to the role that hard coal has played and continues to play in the company's history and its goals for the future. It is intended, too, as a tribute to the miners and the community that have contributed to LCN's enduring success thanks to the coal-rich deposits of the region.

A significant aspect of the company’s new look is a comprehensive sales and marketing website at www.lcncoal.com. The site provides access to the company's products and services with attention given to its position in the community, and as a steward of the environment, as well as its key role as a supplier of energy for today's world as a resource of primary fuel and for the co-generation of electrical power.

The site, which incorporates animation, Flash programming and attractive graphics, is also educational and informative, emphasizing the role played by anthracite and the company in the historical development of the U.S., the Industrial Revolution and the westward expansion, as well as their current and future impact.

For more information contact Sarah C. Smith, Director of Communications & Special Projects Lehigh Coal & Navigation, 570-645-6524 .