George C. Molotzak - an illustrious career.

PHONE: 645-5748
Area code 717

228 West Rldfe Strtet,
January 23,, 1979

Mr. President, James Carter
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20000

Dear Mr. President:

President John F. Kennedy stated in his inaugural address? “Ask not what your

country can do for you, but rather what can you do for your country." This is the essence of my message to you.

Our country at present is floundering with many problems, (economy, energy, fuel, ships), which seem so hopeless, and unresolved. This condition exists because our government and its elected and appointed officials callously shun, ridicule and make life miserable for the most valued and God-talented people, who labor and sacrificed their all to make their country a better place to live and rear their children, also to enhance their community and State.

For example on December 17, 1978, a documentary of the first flight by the Wright Brothers was featured on T.V. I want to point out the hardships they had to endure, especially from their government. Later the government took for granted the blessing they bestowed upon us by creating a better means of transportation and getting to far, distant places in a matter of hours instead of days and months, plus a great economy and prestige to our country.

Feats such as this have been duplicated many times in our nation's history by such pioneering men and women as Edison, Bell, Currie, Deere, McCormick, Whitney, Fulton, etc. These were the men and women that really put the United States on the map and made it the envy of all other nations. Somehow our men in government, both elected and appointed, never appreciate this God-given talent to our country

but only shun, ridicule, and make life miserable for them during their study, research, and actual work on programs needed to make this a better and self sufficient

nation. A nation the Almighty had abundantly blessed with enormous, natural resources and human talent.

I myself, am a witness to this hypocrisy. During my adult life I have made great progress in solving problems in the field of energy, refining coal, and building a safe, efficient vessel to ply the high seas. Only to have my hopes dashed by the personnel in our government who are supposed to be able to honestly, and with integrity evaluate the feasibility of the ventures I undertook. Especially when I was asked by some patriotic and dedicated men in our government who did their utmost to tackle these problems which were top priority to our governments need, and welfare.

The following paragraphs will briefly describe my undertaking in the above, which I have successfully accomplished.

On the subject of energy I nave published "A Treatise on the Birth of the Sun, The Unified field and New Discoveries in the mysteries of Life," a copy of which is registered it the National Academy of Science for evaluation also at the Library of Congress. It deals, with Nuclear Physics and cancer.

I have developed a new process to refine coal and make many new products much like the refining of crude oil into many and varied products such as fuel, plastic, medicine, etc. The process will give nearly 100% recovery of compounds and elements and give us a clean environment as a bonus. How far do you think we would go in a car, airplane or missile if we filled our tanks with crude oil? Nevertheless that is what we are doing with our coal. The net result is terrific pollution of our environment . On October 18, 1978, United States Senator Heinz said he made a deal with you to exempt anthracite coal from E.P.A. standards. You may think you are doing the industry a favor. I for one believe it to be a giant step backwards. There truly is a better way.

Ships and Vessels.

In the spring of 1948 while I was in Washington, D.C. , on the business of coal, had been approached by friends of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who were looking for someone talented in the arts to do something with ships and boats. They spent two days and put me up for one night explaining the dire need to do

something to improve the lot of our ships and vessels, as they were members of F.D.R.'s Maritine Commission. I'm sure you are familiar with these problems being a navy man like F.B.R. I have tenaciously stayed with the problem and I'm sure I solved and built a better vessel.

I have two prototypes here in Coaldale, Pa., either of which will prove that a vessel will be able to cross the Atlantic and return the same day. And it will do it efficiently and safely. This I'm sure will seem absurd to you, however, I can prove it if given the chance. Think for a moment! Our space program proved that we can travel from Earth to the Moon in three days, and the best we can do over an ocean is five days. Ridiculous: Help me by giving me a chance to prove it.

Because of my past disappointments in dealing with our government. I am going to have this letter released to the press and copies sent to my two United States Senators and Congressman fron icy area and also to interested people about the above endeavors.

Respectfully yours,

George C. Molotzak


You'd think someone would have thought of Molotzak's idea long ago and tried it, but he says nobody did. What he's been doing for the past three years is building a BOAT as big as a trolley car which he hopes will cruise over water at 200 miles an hour.

It looks like no other boat you ever saw and has been stoping traffic and pedestrians since Molotzak rolled it out in the open last week. They call it the Jet Boat. The impressive project involved uncounted man hours of work, mostly by Molotzak alone, major alterations to a big building at Second and Ruddle Sts., in Coaldale to build the Boat and then get it outside, tests and research and $30,000 put up by Molotzak and 25 Stockholders in a corporation called HYDRO - JET, INC.

" The proof of the pudding will come when we get it in the water." Molotzak said this week as he stood near the big green and white craft.

He had just finished painting the name " ANNA " on the front of the boat, which he named after his mother, Mrs. Anna Molotzak, 77, of 246 West Ridge St., Coaldale.

The moment of truth for the Molotzak dream boat is expected to come sometime next month in the NEW YORK HARBOR where tests runs are planned. Picture a squared submarine with the conning tower up front instead of the middle and you have a pretty good idea of what Molotzak's boat looks like, except it has a shark like fin rising in the front.

The boat will be powered by two automobile engines and will be able to ride through eight - foot waves with ease, Molotzak said. He said it weighs 13,800 pounds, is 65 feet long and just under seven feet wide. Windows where passengers can sit are like those on a bus and there are two small portholes at the back

The boat will leave no wake and will ride only one and three - quarter inches in the water, Molotzak stated. The big fin is for air intake and exhaust, he said. The 54 - year old Coaldale Boat builder said his craft will have room for 60 passengers or 15 tons of cargo. It is made of welded steel plates.

Molotzak, who holds an engineering degree and lives at 228 West Ridge St., Coaldale, said he plans to flood the boat soon to make sure it is watertight and then balance it. He said 16 years of theory besides the three years of actual construction, he personally checked patent files and could find no other boat which operates on the HYDRO - JET PRINCIPLE that his does.

Submitted : Richard C. Rehatchek

Gregory Danchak: George was my Uncle, the 1st boat was damaged by the Navy as it was being lowered in the Delaware, the 2nd was called Anna, after Anna Molotzak his mother and our Baba and it was tested in Landingville and worked almost perfectly, had a little problem with nose diving. I can also remember his old Lincoln that ran on coal gas, he was something.

Almost forgot, the 1st boat was semi salvaged to make the 2nd boat, the 2nd was cut up for scrap.