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Coaldale Lions Club - 1976
(Source: Bicentennial of the American revolution, 1976, Coaldale, PA)

The Coaldale Lions Club was organized on March 20, 1946, and was chartered on November 6, 1946. The first Lion officers were: President, Randolph B. Harvey and Secretary and Treasurer was J.F. Melley.

The present officers are: President, Robert Ciavaglia; Secretary, Peter J. Stricek; and, Treasurer, Steve Rajnic. The present membership is 32.

The Lions Club donated, sponsored or participated in the following: 364 Eye Glasses for the Needy, Audiometer for the High School, Four People to Will’s Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, for major surgery, Wheel Chairs for permanent invalids, furnished rooms at the new Coaldale Hospital, sent youn boys to Beacon Lodge Summer Camp, sponsored the International Queen, Melrose Hoffman, crowned in 1952, sponsored stands (magazine, candy, etc.) for three blind people, Boy Scouts and Christmas Lighting. Purchased televisions for the Coaldale Hospital and hold an annual collection for used Eye Glasses.

On October 30, 1956, the Coaldale Lions Ambulance Service, Inc, incorporated according to Law. The first ambulance was purchased for $11,591.00, through the Coaldale Ambulance Drive and help from the Town Council.

To date, four ambulances were purchased by the Coaldale Lions Club.

The present officers for the 1975 Coaldale Lions are the following: President, Bernard Arner; Vice President, Daniel Ziegler, Sr.: Secretary, Peter J. Stricek; and, Treasurer, Steve Radocha.

Coaldale Lions Club Installs Officers.

June 14, 1984|The Morning Call

Newly elected officers of the Coaldale Lions Club were installed during a dinner meeting Tuesday night in the Viennese Villa, Coaldale.

Daniel Zeigler, a past club president, installed Joseph Sweeney, president; Warren Balliet, first vice president; Jules Galiszuski, second vice president; James Arner, third vice president; Frank Pavlik, secretary; Steve Rajnic, treasurer; John Terry, tail twister; John Yankovich, lion tamer, and Frank Pavlik, Joseph Sharpe, Vernon Ames and Robert Ciavaglia, directors.

Coaldale Lions receive International Excellence Award

Thursday, February 17, 2011

WILLIAM GADDES/SPECIAL TO THE TIMES NEWS Coaldale Lions Club president Robert Ames, left, and Past District Governor Bob Neumoyer.Lions International has awarded the Coaldale Lions Club the Club Excellence Award. Past District Governor Bob Neumoyer of West Penn Lions Club presented the award to Coaldale club president Bob Ames on Feb. 8.

The award, for 2009-2010, is given to those Lions Clubs that excel in community service, support to those who require extensive vision care, and support to Lions International objectives and world-wide vision programs.

Also on Feb. 8, Bill Moyer, president of St. Luke's Miners Memorial Hospital,Coaldale, and hospital Director of Development Micah Gursky, Director of Development at the hospital, accepted a $2,000 check from Ames . the check was the third payment of a $10,000 donation from the club for the hospital's new, state-of-the-art intensive care unit.

Moyer outlined for club members the progress the hospital has made in the past year, stressing his intention of providing outstanding patient care and respect. Moyer also described how the hospital will implement the latest in medical communications, including remote diagnosis. He stressed the use of the latest diagnostic tools and technology, an area of specialty of his.

Moyer has local roots: His grandmother, Stella Perambo, lived on Howard Avenue in Coaldale, and would remind Bill to put on his hat, scarf, and gloves when he went to play on the old hospital grounds.

Gursky described St. Luke's association with the Temple University Medical School, explaining the hospital's success in recruiting young physicians. Gurslky also said St. Luke's has hired a new "hospitalist," Dr. Mark Kender. Kender will specialize in the care of patients whose doctors do not visit the hospital. He will work closely with these doctors to ensure that the patient receives optimum 'in-hospital' care.

"If you see the new doctor in the halls at the hospital, ask him about his dog," Gursky joked.

Gursky also talked about the hospital's new dialysis machine, which will permit patients; especially those in critical care, to receive this medical procedure without having to travel to an off-site location.

Coaldale Lions

Friday, February 4, 2011

Coaldale Lions to meet

Coaldale Lions will meet at 5:45 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 8 and Tuesday, Feb. 22 at the Viennese Villa, Coaldale. St. Luke's Miners Memorial Hospital director of development Micah Gursky and hospital CEO Bill Moyer will attend the Feb. 8 meeting to accept the third installment of a $10,000 gift from the club. Also that night, Past District Governor Bob Neumoyer will be on hand to present awards.

Past District Deputy Bob Argot will be a guest at the Feb. 22 meeting.

Club President Robert E. Ames will preside over the meetings.

The roar of the Lions

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coaldale heritage banner, designed by Lions Club member William Gaddes.Coaldale gives permission to hang 50 banners in community


Coaldale Borough Council on Tuesday gave its permission to the Coaldale Lions Club to hang 50 banners on utility poles throughout the community.

Lions Club member William Gaddes, who designed the banners, asked council for its permission at a regular public meeting Tuesday.

Councilman Joe Hnat moved to grant permission, pending approval from PPL to hang the banners.

"With luck, we will have banners in the area of borough hall and the center area of Phillips Street for Memorial Day," Gaddes said.

"There is a big task that involves working with PPL," he said. "We must identify each pole by number and location, and obtain approval for each banner. There are stringent rules regarding banner size, location, method of attachment, height above and clearance from traffic, etc. (Councilman) Steve Tentylo, chairman of the street committee, and Kenneth Hankey, foreman of the Coaldale borough workforce, have agreed to help us. Kenny's people will do the actual installation, as they have for our American flags. Without their help, we could not accomplish this program. The Coaldale LIONS Club is grateful for their help."

Gaddes said he is almost finished identifying the 33 poles by number, and has the forms needed by PPL.

The banners "represent our heritage of the anthracite mining industry," club President Bob Ames said in a press release. "The Coaldale Colliery is shown, and the printing is done in black on an orange background. We are gratified to be able to accomplish this important project for the Borough of Coaldale. It will complement the successful American flag program that we supported last year."

The club has agreed to buy 33 banners for this year, Gaddes said. The banners will be located as follows: Water Street (6); Phillips Street (13); Bull Run Street (2); Borough Hall area (2); Second Street (5); Fifth Street (5).

If the effort is satisfactory, an additional 17 banners will be purchased in 2012.

The banners, with hardware, cost $115 each. Gaddes invited residents and businesses to help defray the cost of the banners.

"We Lions have been very aggressive in supporting local needs, especially with regard to vision needs of the Panther Valley. We have spent $4.500 in 2009 and 2010 helping people with vision problems. In 2008, we donated $10,000 to Miner's Memorial Hospital's new Intensive Care Unit," he said.

"We Lions are requesting that citizens, friends, and commercial establishments in Coaldale provide assistance in defraying the cost of the pole banners. In this manner, we can continue our primary mission of providing financial help to those in the Panther Valley who need glasses or other critical vision care," Gaddes said.

One local business, Cabrera's Restaurant, Lansford, has already purchased a banner, Gaddes said.

"We have many faithful customers from Coaldale. I am proud to be able to support the Coaldale Lion's banner program. The banners are unique, and I am sure that the citizens of Coaldale will be very proud of them," owner Leonel Cabrera

Coaldale Lions Club

Pennsylvania - United States District 14-U

LionsMeetings (circa 1984)


2nd & 4th Tuesday at 5:45 P.M.


Viennese Villa, 201 W. Ruddle St., Coaldale, PA 18218


Lions Clubs International was founded in the United States in 1917 by Melvin Jones, a Chicago businessman. Jones asked, with regard to his colleagues, "What if these men who are successful because of their drive, intelligence and ambition, were to put their talents to work improving their communities?" Jones' personal code, "You can't get very far until you start doing something for somebody else," reminds many Lions of the importance of community service.

The Lions motto is "We Serve." Focal Lions Club programs include sight conservation, hearing and speech conservation, diabetes awareness, youth outreach, international relations, environmental issues, and other programs.

The stated purposes of Lions Clubs International are:

•To Organize, charter and supervise service clubs to be known as Lions clubs.

•To Coordinate the activities and standardize the administration of Lions clubs.

•To Create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world.

•To Promote the principles of good government and good citizenship.

•To Take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the community.

•To Unite the clubs in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding.

•To Provide a forum for the open discussion of all matters of public interest; provided, however, that partisan politics and sectarian religion shall not be debated by club members.

•To Encourage service-minded people to serve their community without personal financial reward, and to encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standards in commerce, industry, professions, public works and private endeavors

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