How Our School is Growing


How Our School is Growing

(from The “Orange and Black” (CHS Newspaper), June 10, 1932)

Fifty-five eager, young students are graduating from our Alma Mater this year! Among these 55 alert, ambitious young people, many intend to continue their education; while some are going out to earn a living.

This is the largest graduating class of the Coaldale High School. A saying which goes in this manner, “Figures Don’t Lie,” gives you evidence that our high school is growing, and growing rapidly. In the class of 1930, nineteen graduates, and in 1931, forty. The prospects of the class of 1933 are that sixty will graduate; of 1934, sixty seven; of 1935, one hundred three, and of 1936, one hundred sixty.

What do you think of those figures? Of course, not every one of those students will graduate, as a few will probably leave, but only a few.

The parents of today are realizing more and more that their children need a good education, and that education is essential to good citizenship. The parents can see, too, that by sending their children out of school, would only mar the beauty of life.

Many students who did leave school are coming back. It’s the same story: “There is nothing like school.” Think of the sports! Sports are not only attracting many students, but elective courses are being introduced into our high school, which will enable the pupil to study the branches he or she likes.

This depression did a lot of harm, but it has one good point, too; it is keeping many young people in school, which means more and better citizens for tomorrow.