Evans' 20-Yard Run Gives Coaldale Title

Honeyboy Intercepts Forward Pass and Dashes for Only and Winning Touchdown Against Shendandoah. 12,000 See Classic.

(November 21, 1921, Evening Public Ledger, Philadelphia, PA)

Honeyboy Evans is being toasted and boasted everywhere coal miners meet today up in the northeastern section of this state—that is, everywhere except in Shenandoah.

Honeyboy—the nickname probably means sweet athlete—was mainly and also largely responsible for the championship of the coal regions going to Coaldale yesterday afternoon in the football classic which was staged at Mahanoy City with Shenandoah as the party of the second part.

Honeyboy is the center of the Coaldale team. The snapper back usually plays a very prominent part on the defense and carries a spear on the attack, but Honeyboy ain’t that kind of a center, as they say among the coalcrackers. On the attack, Honeyboy was as dominating as Ban Johnson and Judge Landis.

It was in the second period of the battle against Shenandoah that Evans broke into the star’s role of the afternoon’s entertainment. He smeared the good intentions of the Shenandoah eleven when he intercepted a forward pass on his own 20-yard line and raced for a touchdown.

That one touchdown decided the contest. That one score, and that alone, for Captain Garland failed at his attempt to kick the goal. It was the only tally of the game, and as a result of the 6-0 score Coaldale rooters today are able to buy coal without taking a chance on falling down a shaft.

The ball was in play on the Coaldale 40-yard line late in the second session. Murphy, the big plunging back of the Shenandoah eleven, dropped back in punt formation, but instead of flinging a forward he tossed the ball over the line of scrimmage to the left. Evans seemed to smell where the ball was going. He backed up, swung over to his right and speared the pigskin when it was almost in the arms of a yellow-jerseyed athlete.

Evans' interfence seemed to spring up from the ground. In a remarkably short space of time a perfect green wall formed around him. His protectors bowled over the Shenandoah tacklers as they approached and then the nimble Honeyboy reversed his field.

The grandstand, which wasn’t built to fit Shenandoah-Coaldale enthusiasm, was jammed to the roof, every chair seat was sold and thousands stood outside the ropes. It was the largest crowd in the history of football up-State, and that means that there were at least 12,000 present.

Coaldale Line-Up:

Left End—Pavlick

Left Tackle—Garland

Left Guard--Schwartz

Center—J. Evans

Right Guard—Boyle

Right Tackle—Melley

Right End—Rhodeside


Left Halfback—W. Evans

Right Halfback—Bonner


Source: http://home.comcast.net/~ghostsofthegridiron/library/Coaldale/1921-11-21_Evening_Public_Ledger.jpg