History of Coaldale High School

History of Coaldale High School
(Source: 1933 Stentor)

On August 19, 1920, specifications for a new High School building were drawn up. The building was to be erected on the Southeast corner of Phillip and Sixth Streets.

A notice was given by William J. Clements, Secretary of the Board of Education, to contractors interested in the project.

The United Fireproofing Company received the general contract. The sub-contractors were: Brown Rolston, Associate; Frank D. Windell, Heating Contractor; David G. McElroy, Plumbing Contractor; and Frank Baldwin, Electrical Contractor. The new Coaldale High School building was completed in 1923.

Previous to 1923, the Senior High School, of Coaldale, was in the East Ward building. A three year course was given. The Senior Class of 1922 graduated from the East Ward building. The next year, the new High School building having been completed, they came back for another year, and were the first to graduate from the new High School and the first to complete a four year course.

Since that time the High School in Coaldale has offered a four year course. The students of Coaldale High School know that they can attain, through the zealous work of the Faculty and the aid of the Board of education, the highest possible type of learning. On this vehicle they may ride more rapidly and easily down the road of life to the city of Success.