Odds and Ends

No Suggestive Dancing

(Coaldale Observer, May 31, 1913)

Chief of Police Foag Gallagher attended the opening dance of the Coaldale Club at Burns’ Hall on Monday evening and caused to be announced that the Coaldale authorities will stand for no “turkey trots,” “bunny hugs” or other freak, suggestive dances.

The management intends conducting their dances so as to meet with the approval of everybody and the announcement was well received.

Large numbers were in attendance from all the surrounding towns and as the music and dance floor was at its best all present enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

William Sharpe of Coaldale, was captured on film by Walter Strauss, aboard the mine-cage elevator at Coaldale Colliery many years ago. At the time, Sharpe had logged 54 years with the Old Company. A brother, John, tallied 50 years, for a grand total of 104 years in the black diamond industry. (Source: Valley Gazette, July 1974)