Coaldale High Commencement Was Held Wednesday Night (1954)

Coaldale High Commencement Was Held Wednesday Night (1954)

(Coaldale Observer, Friday, June 11, 1954)

Fifty students received their diplomas on Wednesday evening at commencement exercises in the Coaldale High School auditorium. The class numbers 31 boys and 19 girls.

Dr. Douglas Silverton, noted author and lecturer, delivered the commencement address. He chose as his topic, "What Have You To Declare?"

Dr. Silverton told the graduates that they were graduating to "an uncertain future. The present is baffling most of us, and the past stands out sharp in our memories."

The speaker told the Class of 1954 that success in the future would not come easily. The "world is not too eager to receive the benefits of your knowledge, that is, until you have proven yourselves. Be vocation conscious. Don't go into work that has no future or work for which you are not suited. Don't expect success immediately. However, if you have ability, intellect and determination, you are sure to achieve success."

Dr. Silverton advised the class that when they stand in judgment on the last day, the question will be asked "What Have You To Declare?" The Questioner will not want to know how much wealth you have amassed, or high you have risen in your community. He will want to know if you were always one who set good example. "Did you practice what you preach?"

The speaker told the class that throughout their lives they would face D-Days. "When you entered school you faced a D-Day. Tonight, on your graduation, you are facing another D-Day," he continued. "When you choose your vocation; when you leave home to make your way in life…the day you marry—all of these are our D-Days."

"How well you meet these responsibilities depends on the tools you bring into your lives to overcome the obstacles you meet on these D-Days. Success can be yours, provided you have ability, honor and determination. In life you will find that the shirker will continue to shirk, and the workers will continue to work, and they will be the ones to achieve success."

Miss Beverly Rimm received honors as the student with the highest academic average, while Bernadine Gregus received honors for having achieved highest commercial average. Dolores Molotzak won second honors in the scholastic division, with Marilyn Phillips placing second in the commercial division.

Honor awards and prizes were presented to the graduates by Randolph B. Harvey, supervising principal of the Coaldale Schools.

Invocation was pronounced by Rev. William Edwards, pastor of the P.M. Church. Benediction was given by Rev. A.H. Rusweiler, pastor of the Evangelical Church of Coaldale.

Class Officers were Leonard Melley, president; Joseph Macalush, vice president; Marilyn Phillips, secretary; and Fern McIntyre, treasurer.

Class colors were Maroon and Silver, the class flower, American beauty rose; and the motto, "In Ourselves Our Future Lies."

Class night exercises were held on Tuesday evening.