Coaldale Calendar—2000 Now on Sale, 175th Anniversary Committee Reports

(The Valley Gazette, January 2000)

The committee working on the observance of the founding of Coaldale during the coming year 2000 announced that memorial calendars are now available at $5 each.

The front page of "Coaldale Calendar—2000" features a photo of the No. 8 Breaker of the Lehigh Navigation Coal Company.

Pictures on inside pages are titled:

--“East Ward School - Early 1900s

--Coaldale Cub Scouts - 1950s

--Easter 1st Congregational Church - 1900s

--Memorial Day Observance - 1955

--CHS Graduating Class - 1905

--1962 Undefeated Football Team 11-0

--Panther Valley Recreation Center - 1950s

--Coaldale High School 1923-1964

--Coaldale Big Green - 1919

--World War I Veterans - 1919

--Coaldale High School Christmas - 1941.

On the inside back cover in 1875 map of Coaldale with names of streets and property owners.

Historical information is listed on dates throughout the calendar, including birthdays, anniversaries of Coaldale organizations, church and sport highlights, holidays and events and meetings planned for the year.

A copy of the calendar was delivered to the Gazette by committee member Bill Kellner, who reported, "Since we formed in September of 1988 we have tried to get some seed money to promote the events" and he added that the calendar sale is among them.

"Also we are going to have a Community Day on July 9, the day after the Alumni Banquet," Bill added. "We don't have all the plans yet, but as soon as we get something in store I'll pass the word along.

"Right now we are pushing the calendars, so anyone interested can see Joe Hnat, Joseph Dougherty or myself and we'll be glad to get them off."

Note: Photos of the calendar would be welcomed. Please contact the webmaster.