Coal Miner's Legacy Lives On

In Album Tribute From Music Group

Edward Rehatchek Sr. of Lansford / Coaldale devoted a great deal
of his life to the mining industry. And now, seven years after his death, his mining legacy lives on.

A rock band, BADLEE, from central Pennsylvania, saw a picture of Rehatchek at the TAMAQUA HISTORICAL SOCIETY and used it on its album cover, T Shirts, and material to promote its latest recording, " DIAMONDS in the COAL ."

Rehatchek's photo, which caught the band's eye, shows the contract miner holding a shot of whiskey and a mug of beer after a tough day working with the black diamond.

The shot and beer after a hard day's work was traditional -----
used to help the miners keep the coal dust down.

" I'm proud, very proud, " said his widow Eleanor. " Even though he's dead, his name is living on. It goes to show that he can stillmake good."

Lead singer Pete Palladino said the mining industry has been a "definite influence" on the band's music.

"Coal mining is definitely predominate in this area and it is a big influence in some ways," Palladino said. " The picture of

Eddie (REHATCHEK) was absolutely perfect for our record."

The band is not a fly-by-night group doing cover songs. The latest recording " DIAMONDS In The COAL" is the band's second release and has received rave reviews.

Billboard Magazine gave the BADLEE'S " DIAMONDS in the COAL"the critics choice award during a recent published review.

Palladino says big-time record companies are looking at the band and the only thing left to do is make it big.

When BADLEE make it big, it will remember
EDDIE REHATCHEK helped them get there.