1963 Class Group Photo
Prepare To Pay Price For Worthy
Things, Speaker Tells CHS Grads - 1963

The class of 1963 of Coaldale High School presented the 61st annual Class Night Exercises to a capacity audience last evening in the school auditorium. The two-part presentation, a musical variety show entitled "Themes for "63"" was written and arranged by George Matrician, director of music in the Coaldale Public Schools, who also served as piano accompanist for the program.

All 31 members of the graduating class, one of the smallest in the school's history, participated, with each member featured in a dialogue part as well as in one or more of the various song, dance, and instrumental numbers.

The first part of the program, "Class Themes," had as its setting the CHS Auditorium; the time, the day before commencement; the scene, the final rehearsal before Commencement. Norman Nesterak was The Presenter as he introduced, individually, the members of the Class of 1963.

As each name was announced, the graduate elect entered through an arch set against a royal blue backdrop and flanked by Roman columns decked with flowers and trailing greens. After the presentation, the Class rendered the musical plea, "Get Us to the School on Time."

Judy Trubilla was The Greeter as she gave the address of welcome and Anthony Matula was The Dedicator as he dedicated this year's edition of the yearbook, "The Stentor," to Randolph B. Harvey, supervising principal of the Coaldale Public Schools.

Immediately following the conclusion of these traditional Class Night activities, the program changed to a play format, with James McLaughlin as The Lamenter, Georgia Lee Mackay as The Questioner, Ann Marie Burns as The Consoler, Robert Cipko as The Bearer of Glad Tidings, and Beverly Roncek as The Impatient One. Their dialogue established the theme for the second part of the program. The first part ended with the class singing, "Classmate, Will You Dance with Me?" and a polka dance by Ann Marie Burns, Edward Kassak, Judy Trubilla, and John Jupin.

The second part, "Gypsy Themes," has as its time, Commencement eve; the place, the Coaldale Victory Grove; the scene, a Gypsy medicine show, complete with Gypsy wagon and campfire in a woodland setting.

It opened with "The Happy Wanderer" by Michael Panchura, Richard Domin, John Jupin, Edward Kassak, Thomas Moyer and Thomas Zak. Other musical numbers included a solo, "The Gypsy," by Joseph Popik; a boy-girl duet, "In a Little Gypsy Tea Room," by Mary Ann Taras and James Mock; a male quartet, "Gonna Build a Mountain," by Robert Cipko, William Edwards, Richard Miller and Norman Nesterak; a girls’trio, “Show Him the Way to Go Home," by Beverly Roncek, Ann Marie Burns and Mary Ann Taras; “Lida Rose” by the boys’ chorus; musical narrations "The Gypsy's Warning" by Edward Kassak and “Golden Earrings” by Marianne Smith; "Que Sera, Sera" by the girls" chorus, and a solo, "Gypsy Love Song" by William Edwards.

Humorous skits were "The Music Goes "Round and 'Round" with Richard Miller and Jack Miller, the latter featured on the bass horn, "The Analyst and The Patient" with Charles Barron and Robert Brunda, and "The Doctors, "written and portrayed by Norman Nesterak and Anthony Matula.

Additional instrumental numbers were an accordion solo, "Hungarian Czardas" by Theresa Kachurak who also accompanied czardas dancers Marianne Smith and Edward Kassak, and a tenor saxophone solo, "Caravan" by Dorothy Sicenavage who accompanied Judy Trubilla, Georgia Lee Mackay and Patricia Heins who, in colorful Egyptian costumes, performed an exotic dance as The Gypsies of the Nile.

The cast of characters included Marianne Smith and Theresa Kachurak as the Gypsy palm reader and the Gypsy crystal ball gazer, respectively; Richard Domin, the Gypsy vendor; John Jupin, the Gypsy peddler; Michael Panchura, the Gypsy medicine man; Thomas Moyer, the Gypsy barker; and, Thomas Zak as the translator of the Gypsy curse.

Others were Richard Horos and Walter Fedora as The Early Arrivers; William Edwards as The Scoffer; Stephen Orach as The Haggler; Walter Fedora as The Would-be Traveler; Dorothy Sicenavage as The Smitten One; Thomas Sabol as The Doubting Thomas; Mary Ann Taras and James Mock as The Interceders; Gene Keenly as the Law Enforcer; and, Norman Nesterak as The Optimist.

The finale was listed as The Promise and featured the class singing “Side by Side.”

The program was directed by Miss Adele Laigon, Michael Polansky, Leonard Melley, and George Matrician, all of the high school faculty.

Class officers are Michael Panchura, president; Thomas Zak, vice president; Theresa Kachurak, secretary, and Richard Miller, treasurer. The class motto is “Not Finished, Just Begun”; the class colors, black and gold; and the class flower, gold baby orchid.

Prepare To Pay Price For Worthy Things, Speaker Tells CHS Grads - 1963

(Evening Record, June 1963)

Dr. Robert E. Jenks of Millville, N.J., was the principal speaker at the sixty-first annual commencement exercises held last evening at the Coaldale High School.

He told the graduating class, “Outstanding accomplishments down through the years were done by young people. Live meaningfully and significantly. All worthwhile things in life have a price, those who know what they want in life are prepared to pay for it. Know what you want and be determined to pay the price.

He further admonished, “Knowledge and intelligence are important but you also need a courageous and adventurous faith. The first law of life is giving. Learn to give. Only by the outgo of our lives we learn the meaning of living. God has created us to give.”

The program opened with the processional, at which time the members of the class were preceded to the stage by the members of the faculty who were attired in caps and gowns signifying their degrees and the colleges or universities from which they were graduated.

The boys of the class were attired in maroon caps and gowns and the girls in white. They made their entrance to the stage through a flowered arch situated at the rear of the stage.

The invocation was given by the Rev. George A. Lyford, pastor of the Evangelical United Brethren Church, Coaldale. Michael Panchura, president of the class, introduced the guest speaker.

After the address to the graduates, William Edwards and the class sang the class song. Randolph B. Harvey, supervising principal, awarded honors to the deserving students. Stephen Radocha, president of the board of education, made the presentation of diplomas.

The program ended with the Graduate’s Prayer by the class; benediction by Rev. Daniel Pavelchak, pastor of St. Mary’s Russian Orthodox Church, and the “Alma Mater” by the class.

The class officers are: Michael Panchura, president; Thomas Zak, vice-president; Theresa Kachurak, secretary; Richard Miller, treasurer. Class colors are black and gold; class flower, gold baby orchid; class motto, “Not Finished – Just Begun.”

Class advisors were Thomas P. Raymer and Stephen J. Martinec. The pages for the evening were Robert Berger and Robert J. Hoffman; the organist was Janice Makovec.

Members of the graduating class are: Robert Brunda, Robert Cipko, Patricia Heins, John Jupin, Theresa Kachurak, Edward Kassak, Gene Keenly, Anthony Matula, Richard Miller, Thomas Moyer, Norman Nesterak, Stephen Orach, Michael Panchura, Thomas Sabol, Dorothy Sicenavage, Marianne Smith, Judith Trubilla and Thomas Zak; Ann Marie Burns, William Edwards, Georgia Mackay, James McLaughlin, Joseph Popik, Beverly Roncek, Mary Ann Taras; Charles Barron, Richard Domin, Walter Fedora, Richard Horos, John Miller and James Mock.

Seven seniors who made the National Honor Society were introduced during last night’s commencement exercises. They are Theresa Kachurak, Edward Kassak, Richard Miller, Norman Nesterak, Marianne Smith, Judith Trubilla and Thomas Zak. First and second in the academic group were Norman Nesterak and Thomas Zak, while Beverly Roncek and Mary Ann Taras rated in that order in the commercial group.

Other honors included mathematics, Norman Nesterak; typing, Beverly Roncek; English, Theresa Kachurak, Edward Kassak, Anthony Matula, Richard Miller, Norman Nesterak, Marianne Smith and Judith Trubilla; science, Norman Nesterak; Latin, Norman Nesterak; Spanish, Theresa Kachurak, Edward Kassak, Norman Nesterak, Michael Panchura and Thomas Zak.

Shorthand, Beverly Roncek; boys’ scholastic average, Norman Nesterak; bookkeeping, Beverly Roncek; secretarial, Beverly Roncek; social studies, Marianne Smith and Norman Nesterak; scholastics, Norman Nesterak; scholastic runner-up, Thomas Zak; girls’ scholastic, Theresa Kachurak; scholastic excellence, Norman Nesterak; physical education, Richard Miller, Judith Trubilla and Norman Nesterak; leadership, service and patriotism, Marianne Smith; art, Judith Trubilla and William Edwards; athlete scholastic, Richard Miller; Russian, Marianne Smith and Anthony Matula; boy and girl scholastic, Norman Nesterak and Theresa Kachurak.

Outdoot sportsmanship, Richard Miller; service to school and community, Norman Nesterak, Judith Trubilla, Marianne Smith and Theresa Kachurak; athlete earning most letters, Michael Panchura and Edward Kassak; outstanding athlete, Edward Kassak; best citizen-worker, James McLaughlin; best attendance 11 years, Judith Trubilla; instrumental music, Dorothy Sicenavage; science plaque, Norman Nesterak; organist, Marianne Smith; loyalty and cooperation, Beverly Roncek and Anthony Matula; R.B. Harvey award, Norman Nesterak.

Band sweaters, Theresa Kachurak, John Miller, Dorothy Sicenavage, Marianne Smith, Judith Trubilla and Beverly Roncek; SCA sweater, James McLaughlin and Richard Horos; oratory, Marianne Smith and Norman Nesterak; Stentor, Norman Nesterak, James McLaughlin, Anthony Matula, Dorothy Sicenavage and Ann Marie Burns; American Legion, Marianne Smith and Norman Nesterak; standing in class, Norman Nesterak, Thomas Zak, Theresa Kachurak, Marianne Smith, Richard Miller and Anthony Matula.