In Memoriam of Those Who
Served in the Civil War


In Memoriam of those who served from Coaldale/Seek in the Civil War's Battle of Gettysburg.

Pvt. Joseph Herring Co. H/ Rahn/ Coaldale .....................................Pvt. Edward Boyle Co. E/ Coaldale.

Pvt. Joseph Moser Co. H/ Rahn /Coaldale....................................... Pvt. Alex Snedden Co. H/ Coaldale.

Pvt. Mark Foster Co. C/ Seek...


Schuylkill (incl. Coaldale/Seek) soldiers who fought at Gettysburg

(Schuylkill County Pennsylvania Military History Blog, November 26, 2007)

During the battle of Gettysburg, the state of Pennsylvania supplied over 23,400 men. Schuylkill County alone had over 700 men engaged in the conflict. Pennsylvania would suffer 5,886 men lost to the battle, Schuylkill County, although much lower, would lose 13 men in the battle. Men in the 151st P.V.I. would have the honor of serving in a regiment that was listed as having the second highest losses of Union regiments at Gettysburg having 337 casualties and a 72.2% loss. 13 men would serve in 107th P.V.I. that would have over 165 men captured. On the third day, Schuylkill Countian's riding with the 3rd Penna. Cavalry would fight and be listed as having the 8th highest casualties for cavalry regiments in the battle.



1st Corps 2nd Div. 2nd Brig.

292 engaged 5k-52wd-60m.

Monument located on Doubelday Ave. (in Gettysburg)

1. PVT. David Adams Co.H / West Penn.

Killed in action July 1.

2. PVT. Terence Cunningham/ Co. H/ Tamaqua.

3. PVT. Joseph Herring Co. H/ Rahn/ Coaldale

4. PVT. John Koch Co. H/ Tamaqua

Wounded July 1.

5. PVT. Joseph Moser Co. H/ Rahn /Coaldale

6. PVT. Josiah Poh Co. H/ Rahn Township

Wounded at 2nd Bull Run/Killed in action July 1..

7. Pvt. Christian Halderman/ Tamaqua.

8. Pvt. Lewis Moyer/ Tamaqua.


12th Corps 2nd Div 1st Brig.

370 engaged 3k-23wd-2m

Monument located Slocum Ave. near Rock Creek.

"Arrived at 5pm. July 1st and went into postion on the ridge north of little Round Top. at 6:30 am. July 2nd moved to Culp's Hill where the regiment advanced to Rock Creek to support the skirmish line. At Dark retired and moved with the brigade. Returned at About 3 am. July 3rd and at 8 am. relieved the troops in the breast works; was relieved in turn and again advanced and occupied the works from 4pm. to 10 pm."

1. 1st Lt. James Silliman Co. A/ Pottsville

2. Sgt. Alex. Mckecheny Co. A/Lost Creek

3. Corp. William Moyer Co. A/ Tamaqua/ Mahanoy City.

4. Pvt. AAron Moser Co. E/ Rahn Township.

5. Pvt. Gideon Moser Co. E/ Rahn Township.

6. Pvt. Herbert Weston Co. E/ Tamaqua

7. Pvt. Thomas Young Co. E/ Blythe

8. Pvt. James Shirey Co. A/ Mahanoy City

9. Pvt. Dan Sittler Co. A/ Mahanoy City 10. Pvt. Thomas Cunnigham Co. A/ Rush Township.

11. Pvt. Harrison Hill Co. A/ New Silver Brook.

12. Pvt. Patrick McShea Co.A/ Kelayres

13. Pvt. Richard Brennan Co. E/ Blythe Twp.

14. Pvt. Michael McAllister Co. E/ Pottsville/Blythe.

15. Pvt. Robert Petit Co. E/ Pottsville

16. Pvt. Maberry Trout Co.E/ Tamaqua.

17. Pvt. Joseph Zehner Co.E/ Tamaqua.

18. Pvt. Edward Boyle Co. E/ Coaldale.


2nd Corps 1st Div. 1st Brig.

190 engaged 5k-49wd-8m

Monument located Wheatfield.

"Fought on this line July 2nd."

1. Corp. James King Co. H/ Tamaqua

2. Pvt. Owen Fisher Co. H/ Rahn Township.

Captured 1864 dies in Richmond.

3. Pvt. Isaac Kennard Co. K/ Tamaqua/ Wounded 6-3-64

4. Pvt. Alex Snedden Co. H/ Coaldale.

5. Maj. Thomas Harness HQ./ Tamaqua

6. Pvt. James Murray Co. H/ Tamaqua.


6th Corps 3rd Div. 1st Brig.

320 engaged 6wd

Monument located Slocum Ave.

" July 3rd marched from near Little Round Top and occupied the works in front at 11:30 a.m. relieving other troops."

1. Lt. Col. J.M. Wetherill/ Pottsville./ M.O. Vet 1864

2. Pvt. George Lass Co. C/ Pine Grove./ Minersville.

3. Pvt. James Stapelton Co. A/ Tamaqua.

4. Pvt. Mark Foster Co. C/ Seek.

5. Pvt. Philip Heilman Co. C/

6. Pvt. William Higgins Co. C/ Tamaqua.

7. Pvt. David Mattson Co. G/

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