Proposed (Coaldale) High School Building - 1914

Proposed (Coaldale) High School Building - 1914

(Coaldale Observer, Saturday, June 20, 1914)

Negotiations have been completed with the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company for the purchase of a plot of ground 150 ft. by 100 ft. fronting on Sixth and Phillips streets on which it is proposed to erect a new high school building and a lease has been secured on the whole baseball field, 350 ft. by 425 ft., for a public play ground.

The understanding with the company is that the plot of ground will be enclosed and graded and will be open at all times excepting during school hours to the public.

The plans for the proposed new high school have been received from the State Department. They provide for an eight room building with an auditorium. Engineer Warriner, of the L. C. & N. Co. is to write up the specifications for the building which will be built of corrugated tile, the cost of which is not to exceed $35,000.

The following is a brief statement of what the Coaldale School District has accomplished in a financial way in the past three years: Dec 1911 – Debt was $39,000. June 1914 – Debt is $14,000. Or a reduction of $25,000.

To do this the taxpayers have been heavily burdened and the general feeling at the present time is against the erection of a new school. Granting that the High School must be better equipped and that the State Department is insisting on the adding of additional branches to the school curriculum, it is felt that the St. Mary’s Parochial School, the plans of which are under way, will cut the attendance at the Public School about 50 PerCent. This being the case there will be adequate school room in Coaldale and one of the present school buildings could be furnished to meet all the High School requirements.

The Board of Directors before doing anything further on this should not seek to evade putting the question before the citizens in a special election. $35,000 for a new school at the present time would be defeated.