"CHOSE" Gives Awards to Boys (1958)
(Source: The Evening Courier, Tamaqua, PA, November 10, 1958)

Coaldale “CHOSE” and its Ladies Auxiliary held a joint meeting in the VFW Home last evening at 7:00 o’clock. Joe “Chappy” Sharpe was in charge.

Miniature baseball awards were awarded to the Seek team, champions of the Little League and runnerup awards were given to the Merchants by Bob Johnson and George Kacik.

A baseball tie bar was awarded to Tom Terry of the Tigers as the batting champion in Little League and a similar award was given to Evie Evans, of the Deacons, the Church League batting champ.

All baseball uniforms must be returned this week to the manager of each team. Richard Miller agreed to store all uniforms in his home and they will be covered by insurance.

Cal Mock, Jack Flyzik, George Kacik and Joe Sharpe were appointed to a committee to check into the organization of a Panther Valley Baseball League for ex-Little Leaguers.

Mary Miller, Helen Kassak and Sharpe were appointed a committee to check into a project for Junior and Senior High School girls.

The committee in charge of supervised sleigh riding is Jack Flyzik and Joe Pisanic. Anyone interested in helping on this project is asked to contact the above.

Paul Radocha, Richard Miller and Sharpe will serve on a committee sponsored by “CHOSE” to start a blood bank in Coaldale. Anyone wanting to register or be typed for this project is asked to contact any of the above.

“CHOSE” Auxiliary will give awards to the 12 year olds on the Colts and Tigers teams at its next meeting.

There will be nomination and election of officers at the December meeting of “CHOSE.”