History of the Coaldale Cub Scout and Boy Scout Troops

History of the Coaldale Cub Scout and Boy Scout Troops

(Source: Bicentennial of the American revolution, 1976, Coaldale, PA)

Records show that the cub pack goes back to 1933 when pack No. 530 was chartered to the Coaldale Public School. The Cub Master was William Flecknoe, and Assistant Cub Master was Bertrick Keast. The pack committee was O.S. Keebler, Chairman, A.C. Moser, Thomas J. Evans and Richard Evans.

Down through the years there are no records of Boy Scouting until the present Pack and Troop were organized in 1953, but it is known that at times there were boy scout troops.

The present Cub Pack No. 162 was organized in the fall of 1953, the first Cubmaster being Charles Miller, Sr. Den Mothers were Dorothy Kellner, Jane Miller, and Olga Panchura. Some of the Committee members were Richard Kellner, Sr., and Kermit Hoffman, Sr. The first Sponsor was the Coaldale Lions Club. They continued the sponsorship until the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post took over; they are still the sponsor at this time.

Some of the Cubmasters through the years have been: Charles Miller, Sr.; Richard Kellner, Sr.; Frank Imerick; George Surotchak; Norman Fredericks; Joseph Boyle, Sr.; Michael Babinetz, Sr.; Harry Hontz, Sr.; and Richard Kellner, Sr.

The following women served as Den Mothers through the years: Dorothy Kellner, Jane Miller, Olga Panchura, Mary Miller, Grace Evans, Julia Patochek, Jennie Jupin, Ellen Imerick, Betty Paslawsky, Olga Mock, Jeanette Kalen, Mary Danchak Lutash, Nancy Ames, Betty Hoffman, Kate Terry, Betty Beury, Mrs. Ira Buff, Evelyn Reis, Mrs. Edward Jones, Eleanor Fignar, Mary Teno, Marie Terry, Jeannie Faenza, Blanche Suda, Gloria Weaver, Bette Van Buren, Connie Nothstein, Mrs. Pennisi, Christine Phillips, Bernie Plocinik, Dorothy York, Harriet Paules, Pam Middleton.

Some of the first Cub Scouts were: Richard Kellner, Jr.; Robert Brunda; John Busavage; Kermit Hoffman, Jr.; John Burkey; Michael Rohal; Michael Panchura; Richard Miller; George Bruce Miller; and, Robert D. Cheplick.

The present Cubmaster is Richard Kellner, Sr.; Den Mothers: Dorothy Kellner, Pam Middleton, and Harriet Paules.

The Cub Scouts are: David Boyle, Kevin Faenza, John Karpa, John Middleton, Alan Morford, Michael Mundy, David Paules, Todd Phillips, Richard Plocinik, Thomas Rickert, William Sullivan, Chris Taras, Barry Watkins, Kevin Yemm, Richard York, Keith Bonner, David Dardos, and David Weaver.

Boy Scout Troop No. 162 was also organized in 1953 with the Lions Club as the first sponsor, they continued the sponsorship until 1967 when the West Ward Rod & Gun Club took over as the sponsor, they are the present sponsor.

The first Scoutmaster was Harry Hoffa, Assistant Scoutmaster Robert Sneddon. Some of the first troop committee members were Daniel Evans, Sr., Chairman, Harold Schneider and Ben Welsh.

The first troop members were: Bill Evans, Richard Wagner, Palmer Evans, Evan Evans, William Jones, Peter Cheplick, George McDonald, Jr., and Harold Watkins.

Richard Kellner, Sr., took over as Scoutmaster in 1960 continuin until 1967, Edward Hedes was Assistant Scoutmaster from 1962 until 1968 when he took over as Scoutmaster for one year, Russell Gwilliam became Scoutmaster in 1969 continuing until the present.

The present Boy Scout Troop is headed by Russell Gwilliam, Scoutmaster. Assistant Scoutmasters are: William Kellner, Edward Hedes, Sr. The troop committee members are Richard Kellner, Sr., Chairman, Harry Hontz, Sr., William Evans, Richard Kellner, Jr. and Edward Hedes, Jr. The Boy Scouts are: Garth Jones, John Maruschak, Mark Kutza, Michael Radocha, Harry Hontz, Jr., Michael Babinetz, Marc Blasko, Ted Suda, Mark Macenka, Carmen Castagna, William Weaver, Jr., Ernest Castagna, Jr., David Maruschak, Frank DeFebo, Jr., Cletus Schilling, John Rickert, Bernard Middleton, Jr., Brian Bonner, Michael Watkins, Chris Keer, Tim Keer, Joseph Slakoper, John Kutza, Ronald Plocinik, and Anthony Plocinik.

It is not known when Explorer Post No. 162 was organized. One of the first advisors was George Bottomley, who was advisor until 1960 when Russell Gwilliam became advisor until 1968 when it disbanded. Some of the members through the years were: Richard Wagner, Robert Brunda, John Busavage, Richard Kellner, Jr., William Kellner, Palmer Evans, Jr., Evan Evans, William Evans, Daniel Evans, Jr., John Jupin, Edward Aungst, Michael Danchak, Wilbur Berger, Robert Berger, Russell Futchko, David Danchak, George Hoffman, Kenneth Hoffman, Norman Nesterak, James Mock, James Gallagher, Joseph Scope, and Joseph Sicenavage.

The American Legion Post No. 170 was the sponsor until 1966 when the West Ward Rod & Gun Club took over as the sponsor until 1968.