The “Latter-day” (1946) Big Green

The “Latter-day” (1946) Big Green
(Source: Valley Gazette, date?)

Jerome McArdle of Lansford provided this souvenir of the era of the latter day Big Green football team of the Panther Valley—a program from the game between the PV Big Green and Lancaster on Sunday, Sept. 15, 1946.

This centerfold from the eight-page program lists the Big Green roster, starting lineup and schedule.

The team was backed by the Panther Valley Athletic Corporation of which James H. Gildea, manager of the Coaldale Big Green of early professional football fame a quarter century earlier, was chairman. Robert Hartwig was secretary and W.E. Connor, treasurer. The board of directors included Norman Richards of Coaldale, Evan Evans of Lansford, Daniel McLaughlin of Tamaqua, Edward McCullion of Summit Hill, James Fauzio of Nesquehoning and Henry Boock of Mauch Chunk.

The Green played in the Pennsylvania Professional Football League. Member clubs were Panther Valley, Shenandoah, Pottsville, Allentown, Lancaster, York, Altoona and Pottstown.

Many of the players were former high school stars recently returned from serving in the armed forces during World War II.

The Big Green backfield coach was Mike Lukac of Lansford and the line coach was Sam Pagano of Nesquehoning.

The corporation offered stock at $10 per share.

The back part of the program featured a letter of support from Evan Evans, then vice president and general manager of the Lehigh Navigation Coal Company, Inc.

Panther Valley “Big Green” Football Roster (1946)

No. Name Pos. Wt. Ht. Experience

1 Jabbo, John B 158 5-6 Coaldale High School

2 Petrovich, Joseph B 158 5-6 Lansford High School

3 Polischak, John B 158 5-10 Kutztown State Teachers

4 Butts, Donald G 188 5-10 Seton Hall

5 Nichols, Joseph A. E 200 6-1 St. Bonaventure

6 McCann, Jack G 208 6-0 Nesquehoning High

7 Boyle, Thomas G 190 5-8 Coast Guards

8 Kucan, Paul E 198 6-0 Lansford High School

9 Rosenbaum, Robt. B 195 6-1 Auburn

10 McMichael, Robt. E 210 6-1 Tamaqua High School

11 Duncavage, Joe B 190 5-11 Wake Forest

12 Dally, Dave B 180 5-10 Coaldale High School

13 Wargo, Tony G 210 5-10 Lansford High School

14 Caroulli, Corry T 210 5-8 Auburn

15 Shanosky, Joseph T 210 6-1 Muhlenberg

16 Shober, John C 196 6-0 Lansford High School

17 Povalac, Michael C 195 5-11 Coaldale High School

18 Duncavage, Wally B 210 5-11 Albright

19 Pagano, Sam T 225 6-1 Catholic University

20 Griffiths, John B 175 5-10 Coaldale High School

44 Horvath, Peter T 230 6-0 Lansford High School

56 Mitchell, Raymond T 205 6-1 Coaldale High School

61 Turrano, Ben B 200 5-11 Nesquehoning High

62 Kutalek, Sam B 205 6-0 Nesquehoning High

64 Horvath, Joe B 170 5-8 Lansford High School

65 Slivka, John C 180 5-8 Nesquehoning High

67 Rendish, Robert C 192 5-9 Lansford High School

69 Flyzik, Jack T 180 6-1 Coaldale High School

70 Kleppinger, Carl G 210 5-7 Coaldale High School