Gbur, Evans Lead Tigers at Blythe Township (1958)

(Source: The Evening Courier, Tamaqua, PA, December 11, 1958)

Coaldale registered its second victory in four days, both over Blythe Township, visiting the New Philadelphia school last night to walk off the court with a 48-30 margin.

The Coaldale JV’s, who edged the Township junior varsity, 39-38, at Coaldale on Friday, repeated that score again last night taking a 12-10 last quarter margin to win.

Burt Gbur led the Coaldale varsity of Coach Bill Roller with 18 points, followed by Pal Evans who had 12, and John Perchick, who netted 10 markers. No member of the Blytheteam of Coach Ed Mack could score in double figures, making it two games in a row the Tigers have been able to hold an opponent without a score in twin-figures.

The teams started off slowly, with Coaldale posting a 9-5 first quarter edge, then the Tigers began to find their range and finished the half with a 23-11 edge.

After Blythe notched a slim 10-9 third period margin, the Gbur-Evans-Perchick trio went into high gear again and finished with 16-9 and 48-30 decision.

Evie Evans, with 16 points, and Metro Ketz, with 13, did the best work for Coach Geno Poli’s Junior Tigers.

John Kondertavage, 6-7 ½ Coaldale player, came out for the squad for the first time this week and saw action with the JV’s last night, using his height to advantage off the board and scored seven points.