Coaldale's Club and Bars {39} (by Street) 1940's - 1950's
Coaldale Clubs and Bars {6} in the year 2013

Coaldale Clubs and Bars in the year 2013

First Street

The Russian Club

Second Street

American Legion

Second Street


Sixth Street

The West Ward Rod and Gun Club

Ridge Street

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Bar

Ruddle Street

Eva's Bar, later Viennese Villa

Coaldale’s Bars (by Street)
1940's - 1950's

(Bars were identified by Thomas “Chick” Murphy and Danny “Shotgun” Davis in The Valley Gazette, April 1991)

Water Street:

1. Fritz’s Bar (later Black Diamond)

2. Steve Student’s first bar

3. Malarkey’s Bar

4. Joe Franko’s Bar, which later became Joe Wargo’s first Bar

5. Alex Sekella’s Bar

6. Klementovic’s Bar

7. Sylvester Polansky’s Bar

Ridge Street

Note: Missing from this list was Culley's Bar (1952 to 1960) previously Sislak's Bar

8. John Mateyak's Bar

9. Steve Student’s second bar, which later became Babe Gould's Bar

10. Koltisco Bar (which could have been on First Street instead?)

11. The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Bar

Ruddle Street

12. Mike Daniels' Bar

13. Korsak's Bar

14. Pavlik's Bar

15. Eva’s Bar, later Viennese Villa

Phillips Street

16. Tony's Miller's Bar

17. Godanis' Bar

18. Andy Ardos' Bar (Second and Phillips)

High Street

19. Patchie’s Bar

20. Burns’s Bar

21. Uzup’s Bar

22. Costello’s Bar

23. Rose McGeehan’s Bar

24. Lankalis’ Bar

25. Juggie Weiksner’s Bar

Lehigh Street

26. Mitchell’s Bar

First Street

27. The Russian Club

Note: There were two Russian Bars across from each other, each with there own licenses.

One close down after five years after the new one was built.

28. Puschak’s Bar, later The Place

Second Street

29. American Legion

30. Walter Fulda’s Bar, later Mickey’s Bar

31. Patteroff’s Bar

32. Joe Domin’s Bar

Fourth Street

33. Joe Wargo’s second bar

34. A little private club which had a bar,

corner of Fourth Street and Moser Avenue,

(later Rabayda’s Beauty Parlor)

Fifth Street

35. The Lithuanian Club, corner of Fifth and Howard Avenue

Sixth Street

36. The West Ward Rod and Gun Club


37. The Greenwood Inn on Greenwood Street

Note: Updated to include.

38. Added to this lst was the oversight of Culleys Bar, previously Sislak's Bar.

223 East Ridge Street

39. and the second Russian Club, across the street from each other, of which had their own liguor license.