Air Scouts

There were a couple of lesser know Scout organizations for the kids in Coaldale. My friend, Bill Donovan, sent me this:

The Sea Scouts met on the 3rd floor of the Coaldale Legion. Every week Ike Evans would bring up someone from the bar to talk to us about the Navy. He was a great advocate for joining the Navy.

We camped off of Old Hauto Rd once for a week.

We learned all the navy terminology and drilled and just had fun with the whole body of Navy knowledge that Ike imparted. He was a chief and his son was an officer.

In addition, my dad, Bob Scutta, had a group of kids in his Air Scouts. The idea is that kids would show up in our kitchen and build model airplanes and, once a year, my dad would take each kid on a plane ride. One less-than-coordinated member of this group got in trouble with my mom. One morning, after an evening of plane building, my mom came into the kitchen and started to move the partially assembled planes that dried overnight. The kids would put them on a newspaper that my mom put down to protect the table. One plane that had been literally covered with glue was not on the the paper; it was on the table. She went to pick it up, but it would not budge. It was bonded to the kitchen table. My mom did not have to be The Amazing Kreskin to realize whose plane it was.The next airplane building evening found that particular Air Scout sitting at a table on our outside back porch; we would hand him stuff through the open back window because my mom would not permit him in the house.

Bill Scutta

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