Asplundth’s Wonderful Toe Crowns Coaldale Victors 3-0

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Asplundth’s Wonderful Toe Crowns Coaldale Victors 3-0

(Shenandoah Evening Herald, November 19, 1923)

Three points contributed by the toe of Les Asplundth, who up until this time has been doing a double shift between the Frankford Yellowjackets and Coaldale, was all that was necessary to send the local (Shenandoah) grid warriors down to defeat in the final fracas between the teams at Weston Field yesterday afternoon.

Asplundth’s kick from placement was easily the feature of a battle that was marked with gross errors of commission and omission on the part of the locals. Score: Coaldale, 3; Shenandoah, 0.

The score that crowned Coaldale the victors came in the last quarter and was due directly to the inside working of the locals getting clogged. Shenandoah had the ball on Coaldale’s 27 yard line and things looked rosy for the locals. But when “Mickey” Finn threw a lateral pass to Joseph Lehecka, the works were balled up and Joseph was not there to take the ball. The pigskin rolled toward the Coaldale goal and was gathered in by a Coaldale warrior and was carried down the field to the 34 yard line.

Coaldale lost five yards on the next play. And then came the real play of the game. Asplundth dropped back far behind the line of scrimmage. The ball was passed to Gildea, who placed it on the 46 yard line and Asplundth coming in booted it over the cross bars for a tally of three points. It was a beautiful kick that cleared the bar by a wide margin and cut the bar in half.

The locals missed several chances to score, especially in the first quarter when Shenandoah had the ball on Coaldale’s twenty yard line. Joe Lehecka was rushed into the game and attempted to drop-kick, but his effort failed, the ball sailing far and wide of the goal posts.

The last quarter was the most bitterly fought of the game and while the locals outplayed the visitors, they were not there at the critical stages.

Coaldale Lineup:

LE – S. Giltner, LT – Garland, LG – Hartwig, C – Boyle, RG – Melley, RT – T.Chapman, RE – B.Evans, QB – J.Chapman, LHB – Potteiger, RHB – Boock, FB – Asplundth.

Subs: Gildea for J.Chapman, J.Chapman for Potteiger, Bonner for Boock, Lewchick for Garland, Lithgow for Gildea.

Shenandoah Lineup:

LE – Thomas, LT – Fallon, LG – Cooney, C – Racis, RG – Kutsko, RT – Gaffney, RE – Dumoe, QB – Finn, LHB – Rosetski, RHB – Pippa, FB – Kenyon

Subs: Fallon for Racis, Bedner for Fallon, Mellon for Kenyon, McLaren for Mellon, Lehecka for Pippa.