remembers Joe Garland,' Casey ' Gildea and the BIG GREENS


remembers Joe Garland,' Casey ' Gildea and the BIG GREENS


When anybody gets to talking about the great football kickers of the old days. The name that

always comes up is LES ASPLUNDH. Not many people could spell his last name exactly

right, but not many who saw him kick a football ever forgot it.

One of Asplundh's greatest moments was his 46-yard place-kick field goal that gave

the COALDALE BIG GREENS a 3-0 victory over SHENANDOAH in November of 1923.

The score came in the fourth quarter of a hard-fought game. "amid the rousing cheers of the

Coaldale rooters," the Shenandoah Evening Herald reported. " The Coaldale team went

wild with joy, throwing their head-gears high in the air," the Herald's store added.

Asplundh played fullback and was best known for his booming punts." He had the biggest

shoes I ever saw on a man," said James "Casey " Gildea manager of the Big Greens who

imported LES to play with the COALDALE team aftes seeing him in action with the

FRANKFORD YELLOWJACKETS. Asplundh often did double duty for both teams.

Mrs. Charles Sharpe. formerly of Coaldale and now of Alburtis, recalled having met Mr.

Asplundh some years ago. Mrs. Sharpe said. " At that time hementioned being one of the

BIG GREEN players. I also had known of his inventions and success in business and asked

him about the BIG GREEN that made it all the way."

On March 18 Mrs. Sharpe received a reply from Asplundh.

Here is LES ASPLUNDH'S letter in full :

Dear Mrs. Sharpe:

Thank you for your note. I remember very well playing football with JoeGarland at

COALDALE and against him at several other places. He was a fine man and I am glad that

he is still in good shape.

Long after playing at COALDALE, I had a chat with " Casy " Gildea in Washington when

he was representing your district.. I have often thought of the men I played with in the

COAL REGIONS, and I guess in those days there weren't many who were much better.

There are many occasions I remember from time to time, and I ame sure that all the boys

who are left still have fond memories of the " BIG GREENS."

Since leaving the coal regions, together with my brothers, we developed a company that is

serving public utility companies all over the UNITED STATES. In addition to the Cherry

Picker, on which I have a patent, you have undoubtedly seen the Chippers that were also

developed by us. Like the " GREENS " of COALDALE, the orange trucks of ASPLUNDH

are to be seen everywhere.

Give my best regards to Joe and anyone else connected with the old team.

Sincerely yours,

Lester Asplundh, Chairman

Asplundh Tree Expert Co.

Blair Mill Road

Willow Grove, Pa. 19090

Submitted By : Richard C. Rehatchek