Coaldale High School Commencement – 1919
(Coaldale Observer, Monday, June 16, 1919)

Class Roll.

Ruth Mary Boyle

Helen Veneranda Duffy

John Edward Kalinyak

Theresa Grayce Snoich

Eleanor Marion West

Mildred Morrison Yemm

Burns’ Hall prettily decorated for the occasion was the scene of the annual commencement exercises of Coaldale High School Friday evening when six graduates bade farewell to their school life and made their bow to the future problems that might confront them.

The hall was crowded to its capacity and the exercises were highly successful and well conducted. The essays were masterpieces of composition and were rendered with fine elocutionary effect. The note of the need for a new high school was sounded by Class President John W. Kalinyak, and throughout the whole proceedings the patriotic theme in keeping with the year of victory was played upon.

An exceptionally good number on the program was “The History of the Star Spangled Banner” given by Miss Ann Phillips of the local teaching staff. The school singing was also good and in fact the program which follows was carried out with a precision and exactness which bespeaks the future success of the graduates.




President’s Address…John Kalinyak

Salutatory…Tessie Snoich

Piano Duet…Frances Watkins and Matilda Paulonis

Class Motto…Mildred Yemm

Reading…Ruth Boyle


Class History…Eleanor West

Recitation…Miss Anna Phillips

Violin Duet…Harold Yemm and Russel Fessler

Valedictory…Helen Duffy

Presentation of Diplomas…Jacob Berger, Vice President of the Board of Education

Vocal Solo…Sallie Holmes

Orchestra Selection


Class Play: “AFTER THE GAME”

A College Comedy in 2 Acts


Nan…Helen Duffy

Betty…Tessie Snoich


Polly…Sallie Holmes

Kit…Eleanor West


Dixie…Mildred Yemm

Trixie…Ruth Boyle


Flora…Marion Livingood

Dora…Pearl Filer

The Maid:

Jane…Amelia Reinbold

Half Back on the Varsity Team:

Jack…John Kalinyak

PLOT: After the dance. After the game. After the man.

FINALE. Star Spangled Banner…Everybody