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Last Week's Poll

As Veterans Day is celebrated, which of these official color combinations are among your favorites?
-Black & Gold (Army)
-Blue & Gold (Navy)
-Scarlet & Gold (Marines)
-Ultramarine Blue & Gold (Air Force)
-White, CG Blue & CG Red (Coast Guard)

Last Week Poll
In your high school days, where did your family get its turkey for Thanksgiving?
-A&P(2) 10% 
-Amos Hedash’s(1) 5% 
-Henry Plocinik’s(0)
-Joe Skinky’s(1) 5% 
-Kidda’s(1) 5% 
-Marion Novak’s(0)
-Menconi’s(2) 10% 
-Reno Nardini’s(3) 15% 
-Vincie Sicenavage’s(5) 25% 
-We raised turkeys(1) 5% 
-We shot wild turkeys(0)
-Yurkovich’s(1) 5% 
-Other(1) 5% 
-I don’t recall(2) 10% 

20 total votes