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The following people of Coaldale or their estate may apply for "Unclaimed Money" held by the state of Pennsylvania. Verify the following names by clicking the links below. Insert the name in the box for that purpose. You may call The Pennsylvania Treasury Department at: 800-222-2046, they will answer any questions.

The Pennsylvania Link is:

The National Unclaimed Information site is:

Ann Ardos Bialis, Michael Bialis, Nichoas Jr.
Bitsko, Andrew Brazz, Anna
Bubernak, Michael Bybel, Walter Bybel, William
Chromiak, Mary Costello, Ann Marvin, Dally
Dalto, Joseph Drosdak, Rose Fignar, John
Futchko, John Gildea, Kat Gildea, Majorie
Goida, Eva Hedash, J/T Michael Herring, Russel
Herring, Ursil Hoffa, (Deceased) John Horotak, Andrew
Juracka, Francis Kacik, George
Kallis, Joseph Kassak, Frank Keer, Charles
Kellner, Richard Klapac, Julia Krajnak, David
Krajnak, Lillie Kruczek, Stella Latoski, Railroad
Lithgow, Theodore Marek, John Mclean, Jane
Mclean, Elizabeth McHugh, George Melnik, Mary
Meka, Joseph Novitsky, Martha Parfitt, Sallie
Parfitt, Susan Pascoe, Mary Petrash, Frank
Polansky, Michael Radocha, Marie Rakiewicz, Pat
Schilling, A Schilling, Alice Sharpe, Charles A
Slakoper, Johanna Slakoper, Joseph Sneddon, John
Soley, Sophie Sopko, Andrew Sotak, Mary
Stafiniak, John Tallick, Robert Trubilla, Julia
Vandak, John Yankovich, Anna Yankovich, Amelia
Yankovich, Anne Zak, Steve Zak, Edith
Zalesak, J Zenzel, Mary
Note: Since one goes through the official site, there is no fee. Call the number which is given above, ask your questions, ask for the form. Fill it out, the stamp is 41 cents. That should be your cost. The only other possible cost would be of copying items for proof of identity.

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