" Our Duty to Honor and Obey"

A song dedicated to the Veterans of Coaldale

Lyrics (Collaboration by Jay Smar and Bill Kellner)

Music score to be written by Jay Smar

(Written 12 March 2002/publicly read 26 May 2002)

"Our Duty to Honor and Obey

From this village, covered with black and green,

Men would march off to war, some never again seen,

To a time yet to come.

They never questioned their duty, for it must be done.

Our young men and boys

Were called in April of 1861,

Marched off, not questioning

Preserve the Union, duty must be done.

We always listened, we always proved right,

Whether deep in the mines, or on a dark battle fight.

We charge up San Juan Hill, or sailed on Manila Bay

We never questioned our duty, it was ours to obey.

Young boys many we were, marching in France,

Lying in the trenches, in mud for us not unusual

For our Fathers worked the mines, no second chance

Never questioning their work, or their circumstance.

Off again to Europe, Africa and the Far East

Another war of the World, seeking to bring peace.

Our Fathers again leading the way,

Never questioning their duty, orders they did obey.

Korea, Vietnam and the Coldwar too,

We never shirked, we knew what we had to do.

Like our Fore Fathers, deep in the mines, black as the night.

It was our responsibility to carry on, our chance to obey.

Again our brothers and sons, marched off to war

Many returned home, some didn’t and rest evermore

On the lands of a distant shore, it was their chance

It was their Honor and Duty, again we did obey.

Today, we stand to honor our fathers, or brothers, our sons

To us they will never be forgotten, remembered today

For like their Fore Fathers, working deep in the mines

Coaldale Veterans, saw honor, duty and obeyed.