Evan Evans


Evan Evans is the first native-born resident of COALDALE-- and
PANTHER VALLEY--to head its No. 1 Industry. He has been President of

The story of his rise from a water-boy in the employ of the company, to the executive leadership of the great enterprise, is an inspring and typically AMERICAN saga.

Mr. Evans was born March 14, 1895, the son of Evan G. Evans and Mary Richards Evans. A graduate of COALDALE HIGH SCHOOL with the
Class of 1909, he started that year as a water carrier at COALDALE COLLIERY. Meantime, he studied mining engineering with the INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS.

From 1909 to 1911, he held various jobs at COALDALE COLLIERY
from laborer to machinist helper. In 1911, he started as chairman on the engineering corps, and advanced to district mining engineer.

In June, 1918, Mr. Evans enlisted in the 27th Engineers, U.S. ARMY,
at CAMP MEADE, MARYLAND. In November of that year, he was discharged from OFFICERS TRAINING SCHOOL at CAMP HUMPHREY, VIRGINIA.

In January, 1922, the young engineer became assistant superintendent of ALLIANCE COLLIERY, the superintendent at COALDALE COLLIERY.
He was superintendent of RAHN COLLIERY from 1927 to1928, and of
COALDALE COLLIERY from 1928 to1935.

In 1935, Mr. Evans became operating assistant to the general superintendent,
and in 1940, he was appointed general superintendent, Later in that year becoming vice president, and general manager. In December, 1947, he was chosen PRESIDENT.

Mr. Evans has long been a leader of civic affairs in his community.
He is a founder and past president of the St. DAVID'S SOCIETY of
SCHUYLKILL and CARBON COUNTIES, and a past chairman of the
ANTHRACITE SECTION, AMERICAN INSTITUTE of MINING and METALLURGICAL ENGINEERS, as well as holding many other distinguished positions in the industry.

One of his major achievements was the building of the PANTHER VALLEY RECREATIONAL CENTER, which is dedicated to the memory of his parents. This will stand always as a monument to the humaneness and vision of
EVAN EVANS------COALDALE'S first citizen


A boy drowned at Stoney Lonesome. The summer was hot and sultry.

Everybody could understand a youngster's desire to cool off whether the pool chosen for a swim was safe or unsafe. But that particular drowning caused Evan Evans, president of the LNC COMPANY, to decide to do something about it. He had engineers for the Coal Company prepare for him plans for a modern swimming pool. Then calling together community leaders he laid the plans for the pool before them, asking them what they thought could be done towards its

It was war time. Allied Victory in World War 11 depended almost as much on morale at the home as it depended upon destructive efficiency on the part of fighting men.

Ability to produce coal in needed quantity was a war time must. Recreation was recognized as an asset to increased production and
community leaders were quick to assure Mr. Evans he would have
complete cooperation in his desire to build a modern swimming pool.

From that meeting came one of the best fund raising responsed in
Valley history. The three towns of COALDALE, LANSFORD, and SUMMIT HILL
responded almost to a man in raising $200,000. The company contributed
an even greater amount and continues to contribute in making annual
repairs and in providing the water and upkeep of the pool.

But the main reason why the pool has been a success is because the
three boroughs responded through forming a joint
PANTHER VALLEY RECREATION COMMISSION and in levying a one mill tax in each municipality for recreation purposes.

The POOL was started July 5th, 1943 and water was turned into the reservoir on August of that same year. It was officially dedicated in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Evan G. Evans, parents of Evan Evans on July 4th, 1944. Since then it has met a timefelt want in the lives of PANTHER VALLEY CHILDREN.

The pool operates free of charge for all privileges excepting checking. Each year more and still more people make use of the swimming facilities while hundreds of families picnic in the adjacent picnic grounds.

A supervised recreation program under direction of members of the teaching staff from COALDALE and LANSFORD schools with daily programs and nightly enterainment has become part of the program. That program provides instruction in swimming, baseball, basketball, and kindred sports, together with safe protecton of little tots on the slides and swings.

Not one drowing or serious accident has occurred at the recreation center since the day it opened with boys and girls given something to do where they are under the watchful eyes of men and women interested in their future, juvenile delinquency is being guarded against.

Submitted By: Richard C. Rehatchek