A Look Back: "Remembering the way it was"

"Remembering the way it was"
February 19, 2011
Bob Urban, tnonline.com

Another reader, Anne Girard of Coaldale, liked last week's column "Remembering the way it was", and sent along some of her own recollections about how things were a generation or two ago.

She remembers........

Collecting Coke bottles to take to redeem, 3 cents for the small ones and 5 cents for the big ones.

Walking up to "The Shack" for candy purchased with the aforementioned redemption money, and the smell of the wood floor, candy, soda and tobacco in the Shack.

Going to Tony's (Slakoper) for penny candy, or even up the street to Marion's.

Easter egg hunts at the West Ward Rod and Gun Club when they hid the Golden Egg way out in the woods.

Walks down in the woods, past Foster's tunnel, up past the Fan House, looking for podpinkie.

Chewing teaberry leaves along those first, second and third planes (where the tracks for the lockies once ran).

10 o'clock curfews, with the siren, and the patrolman checking to make sure the kids were on their porches.

Sitting out on the porches and talking with the next door neighbors, or those who passed by.

Sitting on the porch during storms and watching the thunder and lightning strike, and counting the seconds in between to see how far away it was.

Playing Red Rover, Come Over, Freeze Tag, Johnny May I Cross Your River, and Giant Steps.

For the Catholic kids, visiting as many churches as we could (usually six) on Good Friday between 12 noon and 3 p.m.

Throwing out the Christmas tree with the tinsel on it, so our Russian neighbors down the street could recycle it for their Christmas.

Whiffle ball, knock-hockey, and jump rope.

Respecting your neighbors and keeping your sidewalks clear and clean, and trash picked up.

Doing errands for the older folks in the area, like running down to Sicenavage's store or up to the D Market for milk and bread for a neighbor, without expecting a reward.

Being able to play outside, in the woods, all day during summer vacation without our parents worrying about us being snatched, hurt, etc.

She concludes that she misses those times. Don't we all?

Source: http://www.tnonline.com/2011/feb/19/priceof-gas-versus-printer-ink