Saturday, August 6 - Toured the former Coaldale High School building and the Lansford Historical Society Museum. Dinner at The Viennese Villa.

Sunday, August 7 - Movies at The Angela Theater.

Yes, You Can Go Home Again

The Coaldale High School Class of 1963 recently proved that Thomas Wolfe was wrong.

Wolfe, an early 20th century American novelist acclaimed to be one of the most talented writers of his generation, had once opined: "You Can't Go Home Again."

Well…on a weekend in early August, 2016, the Coaldale High Class of 1963 did just that. They did go home again…and they had a fabulous time.

The classmates' visit home included tours of the former Coaldale High School building and the Lansford Historical Society Museum, a dinner at the Viennese Villa on Ruddle Street, and a viewing of some vintage Coaldale-related movies at the Angela Theater "up town" on Phillips Street.

At the high school building (now called The Coaldale Complex and the current home of Pathstone Corporation), the class roamed the halls under the guidance of Tara Stauffenberg, Center Administrator.

At the Lansford Historical Society Museum, Bill Harleman, President of the Lansford Historical Society, and Bob Perrin helped the class to re-kindle memories of Coaldale by pointing out to them the vast and interesting display of historical artifacts in the museum which is located on Bertsch Street in Lansford.

At The Viennese Villa, owner Teresa Trudich served to the classmates and their guests a delicious family-style dinner.

At the Angela Theater, owner Mike Danchak showed to the class on his big movie screen some vintage Coaldale-related and Class of 1963-related movies that had been converted from old 8mm film.

So, sorry there Thomas Wolfe, wherever you are. You are a great writer, but —with all due respect —you were wrong. You can go home again. The Coaldale High School Class of 1963 just did.